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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Will Wii sell out?
We all want this lovely interface to pop up on our TV's launch day don't we?Some of us may not preoder though. Will the system still be there for you to by launch day. Let's look at the ds lite for example. It sold out in Japan. In the USA it did well there were just a few left in some stores.
I know portables are not the same market though. My opinion on the matter is I think if you want one you better throw down your cash for a preorder. With the strong buzz eversince E3 Nintendo is looking like a hot item. Just yesterday I found on Cnet.com that the Wii was ranked number one most wanted product on their list. The ps3 was number 12 or 13. I haven't seen a system with this much buzz coming forth. The Wii already seems to be a big hit and it's not even here yet. I feel Nintendo has seen the buzz and they are launching big numbers for a reason. Supply for the Wii needs to be big considering the demand for it.I feel the Wii just could sell out. If the Ds lite could sell out in Japan why not the Wii here? I think you still have a good chance of finding one to buy launch day but I do think you may be rushing around from store to store. My advise to anyone who wants to buy one launch day is this. Buy from a big retailer like Wal-mart or Target. I think Gamestop, EB games, and Gamecrazy stores will have all their preorders filled. Maybe I'm wrong but the buzz is quite big for this product. We shall see come launch day. Look forward to my post that Sunday it's coming soon.