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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Wii flu and you thought ecoli was bad
Here are some of the questions I'm sure you are about to ask; What is the Wii flu? Do I need to stay away from spinach? Is it still safe to eat a salad from McDonald's? Will this kill me? Is that cartoon spinach leaf on crack?

I will answer what I feel is the most important question. Yes, the spinach leaf is on crack. Ok that is all the time I have, come back later.

Are you still reading my blog?............ Ok, I'll get on with it.

The Wii flu is hard to define so let me first define the symptoms.
~ Are you waking up remebering dreams of the Wii instead of (insert hot girl or boy here)?
~ Do you find yourself pointing the remote at the TV and exclaiming aloud bang, bang?
~ Are you making slashing movements with your TV remote every time a sword fight comes on?
~ Are you waving your TV remote around to make things move with nothing happening?
~ Do you find yourself focused on Novemember 19th more then any freaking date?
~ Are you praying to (insert supreme being here) for the Wii to bless nations or to come into your home soon?
~Are you vomiting?

If you are vomiting call 911. What do I look like? A doctor? I feel bad if you're blowing chunks. If you are suffering from one or all of these things though I can't help you there either. I'm not Dr Phil or Laura you know.

However I can share the pain with you. I am suffering from all of these (except the puking). My friends this is what I call the Wii flu.

I feel like the days are forever. The time for the Wii to get here is like waiting for Christmas as a kid. I've always hated waiting. During December I can at least sneak my presents out from under the tree and unwrap them to know what is coming. My wife loves how impatient I can be. I hope all of you are suffering like I am. The anticipation for the Wii is killing me.

I find myself surfing the net, blood thirsty for something new. I don't care what it is; a new game, a screenshot, a video, or even new info. I even found myself with a round plastic container in one hand and the TV remote in the other pretending I'm playing a game on my new system.
Then my wife yells at me "will you please stop pressing buttons on the remote! I was watching that!"
My reply is always "sorry, but don't you mean Wiimote?" I am very very sick. I'm also enjoying it also to be honest. So check yourself into my clinic. Are you as sick with the Wii flu as me?