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Friday, September 22, 2006
Wii candy
I remember as a kid going to the candy store. IT was the coolest thing being surrounded by so much candy. As a big kid now I love walking into a video game store and being surrounded with video games. The Wii software this year will be my candy I want to be surrounded by.
Nintendo is making sure on launch day we have plenty of candy. My pal at gamecrazy got an updated list with games coming out. One on the list was street dated to come out November 14th. That's five days before launch. In fact I saw several titles coming on the 14th. This makes great sense. Most software comes out Tuesdays. Tuesdays are special days.
Working at Hollywood video I know for a fact that all new release DVD's and vhs come out on Tuesdays. Every week we prepare the store on Monday for the next load of DVD's and vhs movies. Tokyo drift comes out this Tuesday just to let you know. Anyway I'm not 100 percent potive so correct me if I'm wrong I believe that for video games Tuesday is the magical date for them also.
This would be sweet to have the games out before the system. This would be a whole five days. I can't wait to see the Wii games displayed to buy. It will be way cool also to walk in to work that following Friday after launch and see next to the 360 games a shelf full of Wii games. Almost as many games on the shelf as the 360 and it's only been out for a little while.
I feel bad for the Sony fanboys. You will have a small section of candy for the ps3 to rent and buy. The ps2 has more titles coming for it then the ps3 does. Maybe Sony is saying we care more about the ps2. Well I'm sure it's better that way since getting a ps3 may not happen for quite a few on launch day due to the extreme shortages. Hey Sony fanboys don't fret though you can always try out your fancy blue-ray. Wait we don't rent blue ray. Who does and will anyone after the ps3 launch? Well that's ok you just blew 600 bucks why not go buy a 40 dollar blue ray movie at Best Buy. It is cheaper then a game besides you'll have more selection of blue ray movies then you will games.
Let me just say this thanks Nintendo for not adding DVD playback. I don't need it. I'd most likely use it once or twice just to see how it works then I'd be busy playing games. I mean I have a DVD player I don't need Nintendo to provide me with one. I'm getting a console to play games. Sony fanboys it looks like the ps3 is more about movies then games. Sony fans your candy store is a vending machine. Sure the candy is good and you can get by with what is there, but why not have a candy store. The Wii is opening up the candy store. Just like when I was a kid I always loved being surrounded by my products. Selection is so nice to have and just like the candy shop I will want to go back again just so I can taste the next treat. Sony fans come have some candy. Take your money to the candy shop not the vending machine. Buy a Wii launch day. You will have a better chance getting Nintendo's product launch day then you will your ps3. That 600 bucks could go along ways for a Wii also. You sure could get more for your money. If you like being ripped of though get a ps3, it's your choice.