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Monday, September 25, 2006
What my gamecrazy friend told me.
The launch is looking great for the Wii. My friend at gamecrazy told me yesterday they will be having an official preoder list sometime in October. They are getting a nice large sum. Nintendo has told them to expect 400,000 units to their stores nation wide. That is a good number of consels for just one retailer. If you know any other retailer numbers they will be getting let me know. Launch day Nintendo plans on shipping in America 1 million. My preorder for the Wii is at gamecrazy, because I'm an employee on the Hollywood side I was pretty set up to get one. It's nice to know though that others who preodered behind me will have a good chance to have Wii in their hands launch day. With 400,000 units coming my gamecrazy expects about 12 to 15 units. That should take care of the preorders they have so far.