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Monday, September 18, 2006
What is it with some people?
You just can't make some people happy no matter what you do. I have been reading some posts that have me pretty pissed off on some websites all around. These posts I have seen and read are few but they are so annoying.
I read a post yesterday about some dude crying over the price of the Wii. He thought it was to high. Even more so without Hd. Without Hd it is just a beefed up gamecube. The 360 isn't a beefed up xbox? The ps3 isn't a beefed up ps2?Give me a break man. Let me rant for all you crybabies on Hd. Unless you are in the 12 percent that owns an hd TV you won't benefit from a 360 or a ps3. I mean come on people do really think that just because a system is capble of putting out hd graphics that is what you will see on your normal TV. A normal TV will look fine for games with a 360 or ps3 but it won't look as good as it can unless it's on a hd tv. Your normal TV is only capable of putting out so much resolution. In fact one of my friends says he needs to get an hd tv latter because some of the text on the games he plays for the 360 is unreadable.
Unless you have a damn hd TV why care? If you think about it Nintendo is playing to the majority of people. The games may be beefed up gamecube games in some people's opinions but they look better then games I've seen on the cube. They look sharper and crisper. Do the look big time different? No but, nether do games on the 360 or ps3. The games look sharper and cripser on those system also. The only big difference is with the 360 and the ps3 you will need to get an hd TV to enjoy it to the fullest. Even then the games just looks sharper and crisper I have yet to see games that blow my mind with graphics. The hd is a bunch of bull shit if you ask me. Games can and will look just as good without Hd. Nintendo is proving that. They aren't making you feel like shit I should get an hd TV. Who wants to cough up the extra money for an Hd TV anyway when my TV is twice the size and 3 times cheaper. Get off your damn hd kicks people. Nintendo is saving you money there
My next rant is for some dillwad who was saying that Wii sports is just a demo game they are including in the package. This the dumbest rumor I have read yet. Wii sports is the actual game. It isn't some demo you get like with xbox magzine or a jumppack with your playstation. If this wasn't the full version of the game then why the hell can't I preorder it anywhere? I'll tell you why because you don't need to preorder it. It comes with your damn Wii. Get some brains people will you? For those of you who are buying your Wii because you know what Nintendo is about and you don't care about the hd and you are just happy to have the news for launch. You are the bomb. Those of you who are crying about the graphics not being hd go get a damn job and go buy a ps3 or xbox. The rest of us will be enjoying the real change in gaming that needs to take place. Making it fun again thanks to the Wiimote.