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Monday, September 25, 2006
We all know Jack Thompson.
I have nothing against Jack. I think the gamers out there that make threats we should kill him and crap like that are just as foolish as he is. However with that said I find Jack Thompson to be nothing more then a tragedy slut. That's right he takes a tragedy and instead of going after the people who committed the offense he blames others and goes after them to make money. Anyone with common sense knows that video games don't make you kill people and music doesn't make you pick up a gun and start killing ether. I feel very strongly that with or without these things people will still kill one another. Hell we've been killing eachother since Cain and Able. The only real thing to blame is the sick individuals who are twisted enough to commit these acts. It's really simple in the end.
I also feel in our country we just need to wise up. Parents who let their kids play mature content that shouldn't be played by kids aren't smart parents for starters. Number 2 any parent that rarely goes into your kids room is a moron. It's your damn house you should always govern what comes in and goes out. Not all parents but a handful are just stupid. Parents aren't all to blame though for such tragedies that jack Thompson likes takes advantage of. The real people we need to blame is the one who did the freaking crime. Throw the book at them quit feeling sorry for murders when they cry I had a poor childhood or video games made me do it. The same goes for 9/11 also. Quit blaming this president and that president. Blame the piece of shit terrorists who attacked us. We always want to blame something other then the criminal in this country and I'm damn sick and tired of it. With that being said let's make fun of stupid people like Jack Thompson with this great video of him. One last thing remember blame the one who committed the crime not other things. Let's quit making things more difficult then they need to be.