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Friday, September 01, 2006
Star fox command review
What's up everyone? Many of you I'm sure thought I dropped off the face of the earth. Well not yet. I haven't had anything good to post so I have just been in a dry run with blogging. I was holding off to get Star Fox command at first. I am a huge star fox fan. Star Fox has always been my favorite of all Nintendo's big characters. I could sit down and play the super Nintendo version over and over. I fell right in love with the 64 star fox also.
I was so pumped when it came to the gamecube only to be let down at first because his first game on the cube had nothing to do with flying. The next cube game involved flying the arwing. I was excited for assault. It fell way short of the old games. I have been so disappointed with Star Fox it was a tough choice to buy the one for the ds.
I didn't know how the touch screen flying would work out. It just looked like it could be another flop. I broke down and bought a copy yesterday. So is Star Fox Command a flop?
Let me say this if they will do a Wii version much like the ds I will be first in line. I am so glad I bought this game. It has become my game to play on the ds.
The story mode is short I beat it in one day but the replay value is great because you can go back through the game and unlock nine different endings. When you go back through it plays the same but some things in your missions are different.
I love planning out your flight paths for attack. That has been a cool way to play. The one player mode is just great. So what about online?
Next to Mario Kart this game is so much fun to play online. Mario Kart is by far one of the best online games Nintendo has done in my opinion next is Star Fox and then Animal Crossing.
The only thing that would have made the online gaming more fun is more different maps. Still the dogfighting gets intense with three people blasting at your butt. I am glad to see Star Fox having another great game. I hope the Wii version will rock my world. If you haven't bought this one buy it just for the online fighting. It is great fun.
My next post hopefully will be about a stikin date and price. I know we are all ready for that. This game should hold me off till then. Go buy it! The time to wait for the Wii is long and this will help.