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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Price and release date!!!
Rise and shine it's Nintendo time. Ok the scoop is US is getting the Wii first. I'm shocked at this one. We will see this pretty console in one color here white on November 19th at the price of 249.
What is included you ask? Wii sports has been disappearing from preoder lists that's because we get in the box. Japan gets there system a bit cheaper but they don't get wii sports in the box and their launch date is at the start of December. Big news. I thought for sure Japan would see the Wii first. The box also includes one controller one numchuck. You'll need to buy one if you want a friend to play which will run you for the remote 40 bucks and the numchuck 20. Gather 60 bucks for this spendy little guy. The games will cost 50 a piece. The virtual console will have 30 games at the start and will be updated with 10 new games each month. The virtual console games cost nes 5, super nes 8, n64 10. You will buy points cards and purchase online. The system hooks up to your digital camera where you can make characters in games. They can be stored on the controller then you can take your character to a friend's house. The interface has a whether channel, photoshop, store, and startup for gamecube games what not. I will try to find dome video I can post of the interface. It is just something you have to see. It's nicely laid out and it is huge. That's the big stuff for now. When I get more and some videos I'll be sure to post thanks and now let's start saving our pennies huh?