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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Nintendo repeating the History of the Playstation 1?
I was looking back at the history of the playstation one the other day and a thought occurred to me. The Wii seems to be on the path of the playstation one. I will give you the facts and hopefully point out howI think history is about to repeat itself with a different company.

fact one, Sony was considered an underdog when they came into the console wars with the playstation. They were told it would fail. Nintendo before anyone had tried the controller was being told they would fail and they were easily the underdog.

fact two, Sony showed their hardware to some people and they were impressed still many had doubts that hadn't seen the system yet. Nintendo got the controller in some hands and had the same thing happen. The people were impressed but the controller wasn't showed off for any games right off the bat so it stll left some doubts.

fact three, Sony spends some cash and goes to E3. They take the show and start gaining big time support. Nintendo spends some cash and takes the show. Five hour lines!!! This system isn't so doubtful after all.

fact four, Sony starts getting big thrid party support to make games. They make some of their own software and they produce a great launch. Nintendo has done the same thing now if the launch goes well they have repeated history in sense.

fact five, Sony had a low price. Nintendo plans to undersell also.

The cards are in play for Nintendo to have a great launch. The war really starts to be won next Christmas season though I think. Launch time is for the fanboys. We will all go out and buy our product so how will Nintendo win against a huge fanbase like Sony? Easy Microsoft isn't really a threat. They can't take the Japan market Nintendo can. Microsoft however has been stealing a little wind out of the sails of Sony which this just helps Nintendo. Nintendo will have a jump on Sony now with their bad news yesterday. If Nintendo can get in the hands of the consumer and become the hot item before Sony can get their launch together they stand a good chance. Sony has been screwing their fans left and right this console war also. This plays heavily on Nintendo's side. I have a few friends that are so pissed with Sony right now they have went out and preodered a Wii. Theses guys were huge Sony fans. Nintendo is on track for great things I feel it in my gut. I can't wait for the 14th. I'll be ready to share the news as soon as I get it.