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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
My soapbox against those who say Sony will win just because of Hd
I normally wouldn't bore you guys with this but articles just keep pumping out Sony will do better then Nintendo because of this poll. What has really stirred my blood is this nut job non gamer that has had two articles come up on gonintendo.com. I just want to point out the other side for everyone why the Wii could win all over again. I know I have done this several times but let me rehash since some non gamer is boiling my blood and is pushing me to express my opinion. I'm a blogger anyway sharing my opinion is what I do. homeboy non gamer states that people would have lined up for the Wii no matter what because it was new. You haven't been to an e3 then pal.

point one: Nintendo was surprised themselves at how well the Wii did at e3. Read Nintendo power I think issue 206 in the editors letter. The magzine cover says Wii came and Wii conquered. Anyway the editor expressed that even Nintendo didn't expect that kind of showing. People didn't line up for the Wii on day one ether. The word got out and by day two and three of E3 people lined up because they heard this was hot. Sony was to be the big show at E3 just like they were when they showed the ps2 before it launched. This didn't happen because the ps3 simply didn't deliver what people thought it would. Nintendo came in as an underdog. The only people that were talking about them way positive before E3 was fanboys like me. No one excepected the Wii to take E3 like it did.

point two: I did a post awhile ago on how Nintendo is repeating the history of the playstation one. Read that sometime. I really believe in a lot of ways they are repeating history. People didn't believe in them at first. They came to E3 and took the show. Just check out the facts man.

point three: Nintendo appeared in TIME magazine as one of the five products that would blow your mind. That was in October of 05. Nongamers like TIME saw that this was going to be the bomb.

point four: Nintendo has been having stocks climb. Sony is watching stocks drop. The stcok market speaks. I work for GM for my full time job and when gas prices where bad we watched our stocks drop because our sales dropped. Most analysts see the Wii having a positive outcome. Sony is another story.

point five: This being my last point because if you don't get it by now you won't ever get it. You will be just a poor dumb consumer. I swear some people are just a bunch of knotheads. Ok homeboy non gamer claims all these polls show the ps3 comming out on top. Big whoop de doo. There are plenty of polls that show the Wii coming out on top also. Everyone thought John freaking Kerry was going to be our president because of polls. Here we are with Bush so take your poll and stick it. The Wii is on Cnet.com as the number one most wanted product. The ps3 is number 12 or 13 I don't remember it's not up there on the list like the Wii is and that's my point. The Wii is also the hot item on Toys'r us list. A video game machine hasn't been on there for sometime. If the ps3 is all that how come it isn't on Toys'r us list? How come it isn't number one on cnet.com? Who cares if the ps3 is a hot item anyway it's not like you can get one on launch day. They will be all claimed and sold out due to there blue ray they are forcing onto their consumers. The Wii is launching with huge numbers. You keep flapping your mouth about ps3 though. The rest of us will be playing our system on day one of launch. That's just because Nintendo is doing things right.