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Monday, September 11, 2006
Is the drought over yet?
I sure have been waiting for a flow of some games. It has been real dry lately for Nintendo. It's understandable with the Wii getting ready to go and all but man have I been wanting some games. Last month Nintendo poured out Star Fox command to us. That has been a good game. You should see the games coming on now though. Here are some I'm pumped for.

1) Mario 3 on 3 Hoops
2) Cooking Mama
3) Harvest Moon ds
4) last of all but least Mario vs DK March of the Minis with wifi none the less

Next month should be a great month also for Final fantasy 3 and Children of Mana which I'm looking forward to for my DS. Some more great news is two new colors for the ds pink and the hot black. They make me think twice about trading in my white lite but I'm in love. The only other thing that could be sweet is the Wii launching in October. It is very possible but Wii will just have to see. I know it's ether next month or November. Unless Nintendo pulls a fast one us. I don't see that happening it's not like their Sony. Haaaahahaha. I think the games starting to flow back out again though is a good sign we are done with the drought.