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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I have been hearing around the net people crying about the launch date and price of the Wii. I read a comment that said if the Wii costs that much I'm going to buy a 360. Good go do it then and shutup. You were most likely planning on getting a 360 anyway so quit you fussing. The 250 price tag is perfect. I hear people crying but the contoller is 60 bucks. Lets check out prices shall we.

360 system, 300 for core edition, 400 for premium edition
controller wireless 50 bucks
games 60 bucks brand new. No games included in core or premium package!
Online gaming service 70 bucks for a year.
Note: You don't need a HD TV but it is suggested if you want the full pretty graphics.

Ps3 system, 500 for core 600 for premium.
controller, not sure but I think 50 bucks.
games 70 to 100 bucks. Most likely 70 and 60. No games included with system
online gaming service Free
Note: again if you are buying this sytem you are buying a blue ray player also. You will want an Hd TV to take advantage of the blue ray.

Nintendo Wii system. 250 comes with Wii sports.
controller. Remote 40 bucks, numchuck attachment 20. 60 bucks together.
games 50 bucks for first pary, 3rd party subject to price what it wants but won't be more then 60 and I doubt more then 50
online gaming service. Free
Note: this system fits the old school gamers so much.

So you see the only thing you are paying a little bit more for is the controller. What did you expect? It's not free people. You have to cough up some money. What's the big deal 10 bucks more for a controller that TIME magazine says will blow your mind. Ten more bucks for a controller that caused 5 hour lines at E3. What the hell is wrong with some of you people.
Last of all but not least date. I hear people crying, I thought it woud be here in October. So did I but I'm cool with November 19th. It gives Nintendo plenty of time to be prepared. What's wrong with that? I also read a comment form someone saying Nintendo must be arrogant to lunch two days aftthe Ps3. Nintendo doesn't have a lot of reason to be arrogant considering how the gamecube did. I think they are just playing their cards and trying to play it smart. Two days after the ps3 is way smart cosidering getting a ps3 with the blue ray problems it's been having will be tough this year.
The Wii will have no problem outselling the ps3 at first due to it's huge shortages it will have. Will Nintendo have shortages. I think so but Nintendo is quick to recover from shortages unlike it's competiors. Nintendo is making profit off this consel and selling it to the consumer at a low cost. It sounds like Wal-Mart genius at work almost. Making profit off of a consel is unheard of nowadays. You have got to hand it to Nintendo for working out a great equation to benefit consumer and themselves. It's pretty sad when another company is not only taking a loss but taking such a huge loss they needed a loan. Even Nintendo stated that about Sony. When Nintendo profits we can profit also. I don't like Wal-mart but I do buy there a lot and I do profit form them so I can't cry to bad. Nether should the rest of us about Nintendo. They are just being smart. So quit your damn belly aching now ok.