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Thursday, September 28, 2006
51 days to go

Day 51

Today the characters are Billy and Jimmy. You may remember them from a game called Double Dragon. Billy and Jimmy took to the streets bashing heads and taking names. Theses guys were big in the day. The last game they had appeared on the dreamcast since then Billy and Jimmy haven't been around.
They were even so popular at one time to have their own movie. It wasn't the best but, it wasn't way bad ether. It's hard to find a good video game movie these days. I remember when they screwed up the Mario brothers. Damn Hollywood and their crap they produce. Anyway today we give these guys a thumbs up for beating up the hooligans. This was one game I hope to see make a come back on the virtual console as well. Join me tomorrow as we hit day 50. Dear god is it launch day yet?