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Saturday, September 30, 2006
I'm in the middle of a move
I'm in the process of moving my blog soon. I will no longer be using blogger, because of all the problems I've been having. Once the move is complete and running correctly I will annouce it here with the new URL. Thanks to everyone and sorry for any inconvenience.
Friday, September 29, 2006
Character countdown time
Day 50
Who can forget bashing some skulls in with these guys. I found something better than a picture. Watch their video from the snes days. Today we honor those reptiles who were badder than hell. I loved the Battletoads. I would love to see them come back with some killer game n the new consoles. Anyway here's to hoping these guys are on my virtual console soon.

Sorry My Mistake
I could go back and just edit my post before this but, it would most likely screw up my movie like bloger likes to do. Anyway I failed to mention that the 7000 Wii units were sold in nine days. I think if Nintendo can go down the war path like this Sony and Xbox will have a hard time against big N . This story only reafirms me that Nintendo soon will be on top of the market again just like old times. I have been saying this for a long time. I have seen Nintendo coming on strong but silent since October of 05. Europe isn't a strong hold for Nintendo ether. This goes without saying I think that this console will take off unlike anything else. I think Nintendo is going to make history again and in a good way. I could be wrong but we shall see.
The Wii Kicks some trash.
The Guardian says that Play.com 7,000 units on preorder. This is huge because they say this is the fastest a unit has ever sold like this. Nintendo is already on the war path. I told you Nintendo was going to kick some butt this round. Just wait this is the beginning.

Thursday, September 28, 2006
51 days to go

Day 51

Today the characters are Billy and Jimmy. You may remember them from a game called Double Dragon. Billy and Jimmy took to the streets bashing heads and taking names. Theses guys were big in the day. The last game they had appeared on the dreamcast since then Billy and Jimmy haven't been around.
They were even so popular at one time to have their own movie. It wasn't the best but, it wasn't way bad ether. It's hard to find a good video game movie these days. I remember when they screwed up the Mario brothers. Damn Hollywood and their crap they produce. Anyway today we give these guys a thumbs up for beating up the hooligans. This was one game I hope to see make a come back on the virtual console as well. Join me tomorrow as we hit day 50. Dear god is it launch day yet?
Reggie in an interview with ABC news
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
To help me with the Wii flu
Each day starting today I will post one video game character I love and why. This is my way of helping cope with the Wii flu. Can someone get some drugs and a blanket, I think I have chills?

Day 52 - until launch

"Cough, Cough" I need to get some rest. That is to long to wait. Here is my character for today.

Sad to say this was the best image I could find of the beloved Boogerman. Why do I love him so much? Who couldn't love picking and flicking your way to victory? This was one video game that was crude, gross and funny. He ate peppers and farted fire. He drank milk and spit the gross snot filled mixture at bad dudes. I don't know if we will ever see this game on the virtual downloads but if we do I will be there to buy.
I will annoy and gross my wife out, but that's what guys do. Boogerman was one creative game hero for sure. We honor this guy today as one of my favorites. Tune in tomorrow and find out who or what video game character I pick for day 51. The countdown for Wii will be over before you know it. Ok, not really too soon, but a guy can dream, can't he?
Wii flu and you thought ecoli was bad
Here are some of the questions I'm sure you are about to ask; What is the Wii flu? Do I need to stay away from spinach? Is it still safe to eat a salad from McDonald's? Will this kill me? Is that cartoon spinach leaf on crack?

I will answer what I feel is the most important question. Yes, the spinach leaf is on crack. Ok that is all the time I have, come back later.

Are you still reading my blog?............ Ok, I'll get on with it.

The Wii flu is hard to define so let me first define the symptoms.
~ Are you waking up remebering dreams of the Wii instead of (insert hot girl or boy here)?
~ Do you find yourself pointing the remote at the TV and exclaiming aloud bang, bang?
~ Are you making slashing movements with your TV remote every time a sword fight comes on?
~ Are you waving your TV remote around to make things move with nothing happening?
~ Do you find yourself focused on Novemember 19th more then any freaking date?
~ Are you praying to (insert supreme being here) for the Wii to bless nations or to come into your home soon?
~Are you vomiting?

If you are vomiting call 911. What do I look like? A doctor? I feel bad if you're blowing chunks. If you are suffering from one or all of these things though I can't help you there either. I'm not Dr Phil or Laura you know.

However I can share the pain with you. I am suffering from all of these (except the puking). My friends this is what I call the Wii flu.

I feel like the days are forever. The time for the Wii to get here is like waiting for Christmas as a kid. I've always hated waiting. During December I can at least sneak my presents out from under the tree and unwrap them to know what is coming. My wife loves how impatient I can be. I hope all of you are suffering like I am. The anticipation for the Wii is killing me.

I find myself surfing the net, blood thirsty for something new. I don't care what it is; a new game, a screenshot, a video, or even new info. I even found myself with a round plastic container in one hand and the TV remote in the other pretending I'm playing a game on my new system.
Then my wife yells at me "will you please stop pressing buttons on the remote! I was watching that!"
My reply is always "sorry, but don't you mean Wiimote?" I am very very sick. I'm also enjoying it also to be honest. So check yourself into my clinic. Are you as sick with the Wii flu as me?
My soapbox against those who say Sony will win just because of Hd
I normally wouldn't bore you guys with this but articles just keep pumping out Sony will do better then Nintendo because of this poll. What has really stirred my blood is this nut job non gamer that has had two articles come up on gonintendo.com. I just want to point out the other side for everyone why the Wii could win all over again. I know I have done this several times but let me rehash since some non gamer is boiling my blood and is pushing me to express my opinion. I'm a blogger anyway sharing my opinion is what I do. homeboy non gamer states that people would have lined up for the Wii no matter what because it was new. You haven't been to an e3 then pal.

point one: Nintendo was surprised themselves at how well the Wii did at e3. Read Nintendo power I think issue 206 in the editors letter. The magzine cover says Wii came and Wii conquered. Anyway the editor expressed that even Nintendo didn't expect that kind of showing. People didn't line up for the Wii on day one ether. The word got out and by day two and three of E3 people lined up because they heard this was hot. Sony was to be the big show at E3 just like they were when they showed the ps2 before it launched. This didn't happen because the ps3 simply didn't deliver what people thought it would. Nintendo came in as an underdog. The only people that were talking about them way positive before E3 was fanboys like me. No one excepected the Wii to take E3 like it did.

point two: I did a post awhile ago on how Nintendo is repeating the history of the playstation one. Read that sometime. I really believe in a lot of ways they are repeating history. People didn't believe in them at first. They came to E3 and took the show. Just check out the facts man.

point three: Nintendo appeared in TIME magazine as one of the five products that would blow your mind. That was in October of 05. Nongamers like TIME saw that this was going to be the bomb.

point four: Nintendo has been having stocks climb. Sony is watching stocks drop. The stcok market speaks. I work for GM for my full time job and when gas prices where bad we watched our stocks drop because our sales dropped. Most analysts see the Wii having a positive outcome. Sony is another story.

point five: This being my last point because if you don't get it by now you won't ever get it. You will be just a poor dumb consumer. I swear some people are just a bunch of knotheads. Ok homeboy non gamer claims all these polls show the ps3 comming out on top. Big whoop de doo. There are plenty of polls that show the Wii coming out on top also. Everyone thought John freaking Kerry was going to be our president because of polls. Here we are with Bush so take your poll and stick it. The Wii is on Cnet.com as the number one most wanted product. The ps3 is number 12 or 13 I don't remember it's not up there on the list like the Wii is and that's my point. The Wii is also the hot item on Toys'r us list. A video game machine hasn't been on there for sometime. If the ps3 is all that how come it isn't on Toys'r us list? How come it isn't number one on cnet.com? Who cares if the ps3 is a hot item anyway it's not like you can get one on launch day. They will be all claimed and sold out due to there blue ray they are forcing onto their consumers. The Wii is launching with huge numbers. You keep flapping your mouth about ps3 though. The rest of us will be playing our system on day one of launch. That's just because Nintendo is doing things right.
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Will Wii sell out?
We all want this lovely interface to pop up on our TV's launch day don't we?Some of us may not preoder though. Will the system still be there for you to by launch day. Let's look at the ds lite for example. It sold out in Japan. In the USA it did well there were just a few left in some stores.
I know portables are not the same market though. My opinion on the matter is I think if you want one you better throw down your cash for a preorder. With the strong buzz eversince E3 Nintendo is looking like a hot item. Just yesterday I found on Cnet.com that the Wii was ranked number one most wanted product on their list. The ps3 was number 12 or 13. I haven't seen a system with this much buzz coming forth. The Wii already seems to be a big hit and it's not even here yet. I feel Nintendo has seen the buzz and they are launching big numbers for a reason. Supply for the Wii needs to be big considering the demand for it.I feel the Wii just could sell out. If the Ds lite could sell out in Japan why not the Wii here? I think you still have a good chance of finding one to buy launch day but I do think you may be rushing around from store to store. My advise to anyone who wants to buy one launch day is this. Buy from a big retailer like Wal-mart or Target. I think Gamestop, EB games, and Gamecrazy stores will have all their preorders filled. Maybe I'm wrong but the buzz is quite big for this product. We shall see come launch day. Look forward to my post that Sunday it's coming soon.
Monday, September 25, 2006
We all know Jack Thompson.
I have nothing against Jack. I think the gamers out there that make threats we should kill him and crap like that are just as foolish as he is. However with that said I find Jack Thompson to be nothing more then a tragedy slut. That's right he takes a tragedy and instead of going after the people who committed the offense he blames others and goes after them to make money. Anyone with common sense knows that video games don't make you kill people and music doesn't make you pick up a gun and start killing ether. I feel very strongly that with or without these things people will still kill one another. Hell we've been killing eachother since Cain and Able. The only real thing to blame is the sick individuals who are twisted enough to commit these acts. It's really simple in the end.
I also feel in our country we just need to wise up. Parents who let their kids play mature content that shouldn't be played by kids aren't smart parents for starters. Number 2 any parent that rarely goes into your kids room is a moron. It's your damn house you should always govern what comes in and goes out. Not all parents but a handful are just stupid. Parents aren't all to blame though for such tragedies that jack Thompson likes takes advantage of. The real people we need to blame is the one who did the freaking crime. Throw the book at them quit feeling sorry for murders when they cry I had a poor childhood or video games made me do it. The same goes for 9/11 also. Quit blaming this president and that president. Blame the piece of shit terrorists who attacked us. We always want to blame something other then the criminal in this country and I'm damn sick and tired of it. With that being said let's make fun of stupid people like Jack Thompson with this great video of him. One last thing remember blame the one who committed the crime not other things. Let's quit making things more difficult then they need to be.

What my gamecrazy friend told me.
The launch is looking great for the Wii. My friend at gamecrazy told me yesterday they will be having an official preoder list sometime in October. They are getting a nice large sum. Nintendo has told them to expect 400,000 units to their stores nation wide. That is a good number of consels for just one retailer. If you know any other retailer numbers they will be getting let me know. Launch day Nintendo plans on shipping in America 1 million. My preorder for the Wii is at gamecrazy, because I'm an employee on the Hollywood side I was pretty set up to get one. It's nice to know though that others who preodered behind me will have a good chance to have Wii in their hands launch day. With 400,000 units coming my gamecrazy expects about 12 to 15 units. That should take care of the preorders they have so far.
Saturday, September 23, 2006
A few games I hope to see come to the virtual console

Friday, September 22, 2006
Wii candy
I remember as a kid going to the candy store. IT was the coolest thing being surrounded by so much candy. As a big kid now I love walking into a video game store and being surrounded with video games. The Wii software this year will be my candy I want to be surrounded by.
Nintendo is making sure on launch day we have plenty of candy. My pal at gamecrazy got an updated list with games coming out. One on the list was street dated to come out November 14th. That's five days before launch. In fact I saw several titles coming on the 14th. This makes great sense. Most software comes out Tuesdays. Tuesdays are special days.
Working at Hollywood video I know for a fact that all new release DVD's and vhs come out on Tuesdays. Every week we prepare the store on Monday for the next load of DVD's and vhs movies. Tokyo drift comes out this Tuesday just to let you know. Anyway I'm not 100 percent potive so correct me if I'm wrong I believe that for video games Tuesday is the magical date for them also.
This would be sweet to have the games out before the system. This would be a whole five days. I can't wait to see the Wii games displayed to buy. It will be way cool also to walk in to work that following Friday after launch and see next to the 360 games a shelf full of Wii games. Almost as many games on the shelf as the 360 and it's only been out for a little while.
I feel bad for the Sony fanboys. You will have a small section of candy for the ps3 to rent and buy. The ps2 has more titles coming for it then the ps3 does. Maybe Sony is saying we care more about the ps2. Well I'm sure it's better that way since getting a ps3 may not happen for quite a few on launch day due to the extreme shortages. Hey Sony fanboys don't fret though you can always try out your fancy blue-ray. Wait we don't rent blue ray. Who does and will anyone after the ps3 launch? Well that's ok you just blew 600 bucks why not go buy a 40 dollar blue ray movie at Best Buy. It is cheaper then a game besides you'll have more selection of blue ray movies then you will games.
Let me just say this thanks Nintendo for not adding DVD playback. I don't need it. I'd most likely use it once or twice just to see how it works then I'd be busy playing games. I mean I have a DVD player I don't need Nintendo to provide me with one. I'm getting a console to play games. Sony fanboys it looks like the ps3 is more about movies then games. Sony fans your candy store is a vending machine. Sure the candy is good and you can get by with what is there, but why not have a candy store. The Wii is opening up the candy store. Just like when I was a kid I always loved being surrounded by my products. Selection is so nice to have and just like the candy shop I will want to go back again just so I can taste the next treat. Sony fans come have some candy. Take your money to the candy shop not the vending machine. Buy a Wii launch day. You will have a better chance getting Nintendo's product launch day then you will your ps3. That 600 bucks could go along ways for a Wii also. You sure could get more for your money. If you like being ripped of though get a ps3, it's your choice.
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I have been hearing around the net people crying about the launch date and price of the Wii. I read a comment that said if the Wii costs that much I'm going to buy a 360. Good go do it then and shutup. You were most likely planning on getting a 360 anyway so quit you fussing. The 250 price tag is perfect. I hear people crying but the contoller is 60 bucks. Lets check out prices shall we.

360 system, 300 for core edition, 400 for premium edition
controller wireless 50 bucks
games 60 bucks brand new. No games included in core or premium package!
Online gaming service 70 bucks for a year.
Note: You don't need a HD TV but it is suggested if you want the full pretty graphics.

Ps3 system, 500 for core 600 for premium.
controller, not sure but I think 50 bucks.
games 70 to 100 bucks. Most likely 70 and 60. No games included with system
online gaming service Free
Note: again if you are buying this sytem you are buying a blue ray player also. You will want an Hd TV to take advantage of the blue ray.

Nintendo Wii system. 250 comes with Wii sports.
controller. Remote 40 bucks, numchuck attachment 20. 60 bucks together.
games 50 bucks for first pary, 3rd party subject to price what it wants but won't be more then 60 and I doubt more then 50
online gaming service. Free
Note: this system fits the old school gamers so much.

So you see the only thing you are paying a little bit more for is the controller. What did you expect? It's not free people. You have to cough up some money. What's the big deal 10 bucks more for a controller that TIME magazine says will blow your mind. Ten more bucks for a controller that caused 5 hour lines at E3. What the hell is wrong with some of you people.
Last of all but not least date. I hear people crying, I thought it woud be here in October. So did I but I'm cool with November 19th. It gives Nintendo plenty of time to be prepared. What's wrong with that? I also read a comment form someone saying Nintendo must be arrogant to lunch two days aftthe Ps3. Nintendo doesn't have a lot of reason to be arrogant considering how the gamecube did. I think they are just playing their cards and trying to play it smart. Two days after the ps3 is way smart cosidering getting a ps3 with the blue ray problems it's been having will be tough this year.
The Wii will have no problem outselling the ps3 at first due to it's huge shortages it will have. Will Nintendo have shortages. I think so but Nintendo is quick to recover from shortages unlike it's competiors. Nintendo is making profit off this consel and selling it to the consumer at a low cost. It sounds like Wal-Mart genius at work almost. Making profit off of a consel is unheard of nowadays. You have got to hand it to Nintendo for working out a great equation to benefit consumer and themselves. It's pretty sad when another company is not only taking a loss but taking such a huge loss they needed a loan. Even Nintendo stated that about Sony. When Nintendo profits we can profit also. I don't like Wal-mart but I do buy there a lot and I do profit form them so I can't cry to bad. Nether should the rest of us about Nintendo. They are just being smart. So quit your damn belly aching now ok.
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Wii party!!!
My good friends at gamecrazy are making sure I'm getting a Wii after midnight on November 19th. What's the catch I'm thowing a party at my house and providing the food and drinks. Them and one guest each I am allowing to bring will party it up all night into Sunday morning for celebration of my highly anticipated console I can't wait to have. I will have my guests give me opinions on the hardware and software. I will also provide some pictures. This is an event I can't wait to share with my readers of my blog. Stay tuned for Sunday Nov 19th. I will give it all.
Monday, September 18, 2006
What is it with some people?
You just can't make some people happy no matter what you do. I have been reading some posts that have me pretty pissed off on some websites all around. These posts I have seen and read are few but they are so annoying.
I read a post yesterday about some dude crying over the price of the Wii. He thought it was to high. Even more so without Hd. Without Hd it is just a beefed up gamecube. The 360 isn't a beefed up xbox? The ps3 isn't a beefed up ps2?Give me a break man. Let me rant for all you crybabies on Hd. Unless you are in the 12 percent that owns an hd TV you won't benefit from a 360 or a ps3. I mean come on people do really think that just because a system is capble of putting out hd graphics that is what you will see on your normal TV. A normal TV will look fine for games with a 360 or ps3 but it won't look as good as it can unless it's on a hd tv. Your normal TV is only capable of putting out so much resolution. In fact one of my friends says he needs to get an hd tv latter because some of the text on the games he plays for the 360 is unreadable.
Unless you have a damn hd TV why care? If you think about it Nintendo is playing to the majority of people. The games may be beefed up gamecube games in some people's opinions but they look better then games I've seen on the cube. They look sharper and crisper. Do the look big time different? No but, nether do games on the 360 or ps3. The games look sharper and cripser on those system also. The only big difference is with the 360 and the ps3 you will need to get an hd TV to enjoy it to the fullest. Even then the games just looks sharper and crisper I have yet to see games that blow my mind with graphics. The hd is a bunch of bull shit if you ask me. Games can and will look just as good without Hd. Nintendo is proving that. They aren't making you feel like shit I should get an hd TV. Who wants to cough up the extra money for an Hd TV anyway when my TV is twice the size and 3 times cheaper. Get off your damn hd kicks people. Nintendo is saving you money there
My next rant is for some dillwad who was saying that Wii sports is just a demo game they are including in the package. This the dumbest rumor I have read yet. Wii sports is the actual game. It isn't some demo you get like with xbox magzine or a jumppack with your playstation. If this wasn't the full version of the game then why the hell can't I preorder it anywhere? I'll tell you why because you don't need to preorder it. It comes with your damn Wii. Get some brains people will you? For those of you who are buying your Wii because you know what Nintendo is about and you don't care about the hd and you are just happy to have the news for launch. You are the bomb. Those of you who are crying about the graphics not being hd go get a damn job and go buy a ps3 or xbox. The rest of us will be enjoying the real change in gaming that needs to take place. Making it fun again thanks to the Wiimote.
Friday, September 15, 2006
Old school gamers feat what Wii will have for you.

This is just a few you can play launch day for the Wii. Try 30 old school titles to chose from. Why get anything else?
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Price and release date!!!
Rise and shine it's Nintendo time. Ok the scoop is US is getting the Wii first. I'm shocked at this one. We will see this pretty console in one color here white on November 19th at the price of 249.
What is included you ask? Wii sports has been disappearing from preoder lists that's because we get in the box. Japan gets there system a bit cheaper but they don't get wii sports in the box and their launch date is at the start of December. Big news. I thought for sure Japan would see the Wii first. The box also includes one controller one numchuck. You'll need to buy one if you want a friend to play which will run you for the remote 40 bucks and the numchuck 20. Gather 60 bucks for this spendy little guy. The games will cost 50 a piece. The virtual console will have 30 games at the start and will be updated with 10 new games each month. The virtual console games cost nes 5, super nes 8, n64 10. You will buy points cards and purchase online. The system hooks up to your digital camera where you can make characters in games. They can be stored on the controller then you can take your character to a friend's house. The interface has a whether channel, photoshop, store, and startup for gamecube games what not. I will try to find dome video I can post of the interface. It is just something you have to see. It's nicely laid out and it is huge. That's the big stuff for now. When I get more and some videos I'll be sure to post thanks and now let's start saving our pennies huh?
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
While we wait!
I found this youtube on kotaku. I love video game music I think it is some of the most underrated music out there. This high school band wails. The violin is one of my favorite instruments. So the Halo song really grabs me. The violin is so gorgeous when played right. Check out the Mario music they throw in also. What great talent! I am eagerly watching for any leaks. Tomorrow we will know date and price. I'm real sure of it. I have been seeing some juicy rumors that the Wii may even becoming as early as the end of this month. This rumor is sparked from online beta testing for the Wii. I still think Oct 2nd is looking like the date and I feel the price will be 229. I can't wait to know tomorrow for sure. While you wait for the Wii info go check out the black ds lites in stores today. It is so tempting to trade off my white for black. You know what they say once you go black you never go back. That black ds lite is real sharp looking. Have a great day everyone.

Monday, September 11, 2006
I hit a 1000 visitors
To celebrate hitting 1000 visitors here's my favorite song for you guys. I know I'm a geek. Along with this if you have the time check out the turtle game being beat in less then 25 minutes. I had trouble getting passed the stupid dam level. The guy playing it makes it look like a breeze.

Is the drought over yet?
I sure have been waiting for a flow of some games. It has been real dry lately for Nintendo. It's understandable with the Wii getting ready to go and all but man have I been wanting some games. Last month Nintendo poured out Star Fox command to us. That has been a good game. You should see the games coming on now though. Here are some I'm pumped for.

1) Mario 3 on 3 Hoops
2) Cooking Mama
3) Harvest Moon ds
4) last of all but least Mario vs DK March of the Minis with wifi none the less

Next month should be a great month also for Final fantasy 3 and Children of Mana which I'm looking forward to for my DS. Some more great news is two new colors for the ds pink and the hot black. They make me think twice about trading in my white lite but I'm in love. The only other thing that could be sweet is the Wii launching in October. It is very possible but Wii will just have to see. I know it's ether next month or November. Unless Nintendo pulls a fast one us. I don't see that happening it's not like their Sony. Haaaahahaha. I think the games starting to flow back out again though is a good sign we are done with the drought.
A sad day
This is always a hard subject for me to speak on but I feel it's important to. We all remember what happened this sad day in the year of 2001. I was serving my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yes I'm also known as a more popular term a Mormon. This day always swells me up with emotions inside. I will never forget the horrific images on the TV and the hearts of my fellow Americans. It is hard to imagine we live in world filled with such evil. I remember on this day felling like evil had won. The big positive thing I remember though was we put our differences aside. I remember talking with an older lady who was devote Baptist. She hated me and what I was doing for my church. As we talked she found out I felt much about the savior as she did. She found out that I wasn't such a bad person after all just because I was Mormon. She never came to agree with Mormon doctrine but she at least stopped hating me just because I didn't believe the way she did.
Let us have this day to remember how we felt. Most important of all let this be the one day besides Christmas we try to be more caring to one another. Let's put our differences aside and never forget that we are apart of a great country. We should stand united against evil. Those who would kill innocents humans are evil. There are other ways to fight wars. I reach out my hand to all of you and say you are my brother my sister. God bless you and God bless America. We may have our differences and our problems but today we set them aside. Today we work hard on living like real Americans should. We live like we want a better tomorrow for us and our children and our children's children. Please take this day and reflect on your life and ask am I doing all I can for my neighbors. I know I am not therefore I am recomiting to do better. I hope all of us can do the same. Thanks and God bless you all.
Saturday, September 09, 2006
This video speaks for itself
I have had it with Sony fanboys that bash on the Wii. My friends that are Sony fans are the smart breed of gamers. They understand the Wii is a great system they see the facts. They may hate Nintendo but they give credit where it is due. This clip is for the fanboys that won't give Nintendo credit. They are the ones who are rude in their posts and make stupid uneducated comments. I can't stand stupid people. Everyone is giving Nintendo credit except for the morons that are angry and bitter over Sony not looking great. This video is for those fans who follow so blindly. Enjoy and think about your comments where you post because I will make sure my comments will follow for debate.

Thursday, September 07, 2006
Sony's fanbase
Nintendo repeating the History of the Playstation 1?
I was looking back at the history of the playstation one the other day and a thought occurred to me. The Wii seems to be on the path of the playstation one. I will give you the facts and hopefully point out howI think history is about to repeat itself with a different company.

fact one, Sony was considered an underdog when they came into the console wars with the playstation. They were told it would fail. Nintendo before anyone had tried the controller was being told they would fail and they were easily the underdog.

fact two, Sony showed their hardware to some people and they were impressed still many had doubts that hadn't seen the system yet. Nintendo got the controller in some hands and had the same thing happen. The people were impressed but the controller wasn't showed off for any games right off the bat so it stll left some doubts.

fact three, Sony spends some cash and goes to E3. They take the show and start gaining big time support. Nintendo spends some cash and takes the show. Five hour lines!!! This system isn't so doubtful after all.

fact four, Sony starts getting big thrid party support to make games. They make some of their own software and they produce a great launch. Nintendo has done the same thing now if the launch goes well they have repeated history in sense.

fact five, Sony had a low price. Nintendo plans to undersell also.

The cards are in play for Nintendo to have a great launch. The war really starts to be won next Christmas season though I think. Launch time is for the fanboys. We will all go out and buy our product so how will Nintendo win against a huge fanbase like Sony? Easy Microsoft isn't really a threat. They can't take the Japan market Nintendo can. Microsoft however has been stealing a little wind out of the sails of Sony which this just helps Nintendo. Nintendo will have a jump on Sony now with their bad news yesterday. If Nintendo can get in the hands of the consumer and become the hot item before Sony can get their launch together they stand a good chance. Sony has been screwing their fans left and right this console war also. This plays heavily on Nintendo's side. I have a few friends that are so pissed with Sony right now they have went out and preodered a Wii. Theses guys were huge Sony fans. Nintendo is on track for great things I feel it in my gut. I can't wait for the 14th. I'll be ready to share the news as soon as I get it.
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
The beattles know where the ps3 stands
After hearing that Nintendo stocks are climbing and Sony stocks are dropping I had to post this you tube. This might tell you a little why.

Europe gets screwed by Sony
This turns out to be great news for the Wii. Sony has delayed launch for the ps3 in Europe until march of 07. This gives Nintendo 5 to 6 months on the market there without the ps3. This news comes from Gonintendo. I just have to ask those who live in Europe, do you still want a ps3 now? The wait has already been long enough. Didn't Sony promise they wouldn't hold out until 07 on you guys. They also promised a certain number of consoles at launch. Now they can't keep that promise. I feel for you Europe. Ditch the ps3 get a real console that knows what they're doing. Go with Nintendo. Sony has been nothing but let down ever since E3.
Friday, September 01, 2006
Star fox command review
What's up everyone? Many of you I'm sure thought I dropped off the face of the earth. Well not yet. I haven't had anything good to post so I have just been in a dry run with blogging. I was holding off to get Star Fox command at first. I am a huge star fox fan. Star Fox has always been my favorite of all Nintendo's big characters. I could sit down and play the super Nintendo version over and over. I fell right in love with the 64 star fox also.
I was so pumped when it came to the gamecube only to be let down at first because his first game on the cube had nothing to do with flying. The next cube game involved flying the arwing. I was excited for assault. It fell way short of the old games. I have been so disappointed with Star Fox it was a tough choice to buy the one for the ds.
I didn't know how the touch screen flying would work out. It just looked like it could be another flop. I broke down and bought a copy yesterday. So is Star Fox Command a flop?
Let me say this if they will do a Wii version much like the ds I will be first in line. I am so glad I bought this game. It has become my game to play on the ds.
The story mode is short I beat it in one day but the replay value is great because you can go back through the game and unlock nine different endings. When you go back through it plays the same but some things in your missions are different.
I love planning out your flight paths for attack. That has been a cool way to play. The one player mode is just great. So what about online?
Next to Mario Kart this game is so much fun to play online. Mario Kart is by far one of the best online games Nintendo has done in my opinion next is Star Fox and then Animal Crossing.
The only thing that would have made the online gaming more fun is more different maps. Still the dogfighting gets intense with three people blasting at your butt. I am glad to see Star Fox having another great game. I hope the Wii version will rock my world. If you haven't bought this one buy it just for the online fighting. It is great fun.
My next post hopefully will be about a stikin date and price. I know we are all ready for that. This game should hold me off till then. Go buy it! The time to wait for the Wii is long and this will help.