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Friday, August 04, 2006
Sony screws the fanboys.
What is up with Sony? I went into Hollywood video to return my movies today and my pal who works in gamecrazy came out to tell me some news. He said "John dude I just got a memo from Sony this morning you are never going to believe this. "
He was right I couldn't believe it. The memo says for stores like gamecrazy to not take any more preorders on the ps3. It says they won't be shipping any console to them at first. They will be shipping to stores first who sell the most new consoles. Why is this screwing the fanboy?
Picture you have a Wii on order at gamecrazy. You get a phone call and they inform you that your preorder is no good there for now. They can't get you a console on launch day. You have to then go take your money somewhere else and try to get on a preorder list once again but this time you aren't in the top ten. What a joke I'd be so pissed. This also shows very strongly that Sony is already having shortages. How sad! Nintendo at least comes prepared for launch when they come. They do a pretty good job at making sure their consoles out on the market. Nintendo has had shortages but it's not for long and they wouldn't screw people out of their preorders.
My pal Keven at gamecrazy had to call a list of people today to tell them he wouldn't be getting any ps3 to his store. He was in for a bad day today. One more reason not to buy the ps3.