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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Juicy rumors floating about
The first rumor I have been seeing pop up all around on a few different sites. This rumor is that Mario Galaxy could be finished in time for launch. I know our man behind Mario Galaxy said he'd do everything he could to make it a launch but not to count on it. Let's hope Mario, Samus, and Link come to kick some butt. What a launch of titles that would be for Nintendo.
My next three rumors come from IGN. IGN states that the Wii will sell for 229 bucks. I can believe this one easily. The next rumor is that Nintendo will launch in mid October or the end. I will trust gameon and his source for launch date for now until I hear otherwise. Last of all they say that Nintendo is boosting production. They now plan on having 5 million units by the end of this year. Ign says Nintendo is seeing that the Wii is really looking like a hot item. Great news and that I am not surprised to hear. That's it for now when I find some more worthwhile juicy rumor or news I will be sure to post thanks for everyone who visits my blog.