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Sunday, August 13, 2006
Game on gives us a post
The worst console Launch in History!

I will have to say that the Nintendo Wii could possibly have the worst
launch in the history of videogames. I often ask myself, what is
Nintendo thinking?

Let's take a look at exhibit A: The games. Out of the 27 games that
are being released for Nintendo's Wii system, I could "only" think of
about 15 titles that I would absolutely love to pick up. Come on
Nintendo, my wallet will not be thanking you come November.

Exhibit B: Pure Innovation. A true thank you to Nintendo for forever
changing the way we will play games and for being the pioneers of
innovation. Physical movement, motion sensors and an amazing
controller is sure to place a smile on all gamers and non-gamers
alike. This will forever change the way we play gamers period and
Nintendo is at the forefront.

Exhibit C: Wii. The system is just too sexy to look at. It's the
sleekest, most compact system to date and it's going to be fantastic.
Thanks again Nintendo-I will have to work numerous hours of overtime
these next couple of months.

I would like to thank LoyalN for allowing me to share my thoughts and
opinions with you guys. It was an honor to post on his quality site
and I look forward to future ventures in this realm. Game ON!

I couldn't tell if there was sarcasm or not. Hahahahaha great post from my man
Game on. I'm having trouble deciding how much I need to spend on family for Christmas. I'm trying to spend the least I can so I can load up for the Wii. I am so going to hell. Thanks Game on for the great post. Thanks for visiting my site and please be sure to check out Game on.