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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Who says the Wii can't compete?

I here it everyday the Nintendo is a kiddie console or Nintendo won't have as good as graphics as the ps3 or 360. A couple of days ago I heard someone say the Wii won't even be able to compete. I wanted to slip on my power glove and punch him in the face. This post is for the morons out there who say such crap. First off everyone these days wants to say the ps3 is going to be the winner over the next few years. Here are five reasons Sony could lose to Nintendo.

1) Blue ray is by far number one. This is the reason the ps3 is so expensive not to mention how many out there are really ready for the next format. If you own HD TV then blue ray might look good to you. Still what in the hell is really the big point of buying one? I have searched for one but I can't find one reason. I think blue ray could cause Sony to lose to Nintendo. Blue Ray looks like it could turn out to be the next UMD. We all know how well that did.

2) Motion controller! This could be a slap to Sony when it goes up to compete against Nintendo's controller. I want freedom in a motion controller. The ps3 takes both hands glued to the controller. Motion is a waste of time unless they make their controller like Nintendo's. Nintendo has an upper hand on them here. There controller when compared is by far better. I don't have to play with it to know that.

3) Games and launch lineup. How weak of a lineup can you get? This is the weakest lineup of games I have seen from Sony yet. The other fact of the matter is Sony thrives on third party support. They are losing it to other companies.

4) They are telling their consumer false numbers. They think they can pump out this large amount of systems by this time and they haven't even begun production yet.

5) Last of all but not least they are by far the most arrogant company. When you think you are all that you don't see your mistakes there for cause to fail becomes higher.

Sony fans get a clue the ps3 could very well outdo Nintendo but seeing everything I have been seeing so far says Sony is about to take a fall behind Nintendo. Everyone last year at this time thought Nintendo was a joke. My friends who bought 360s told me I should get one. They said I was dumb to wait on Nintendo. Now my friends are saving their money for a Wii. If everyone buys a Wii with a ps3 or 360 doesn't that put Nintendo ahead? Look at the Ds and I think that should tell you how well the Wii will do. The PSP has tried to take the market their but failed the numbers prove it. Now speaking of Xbox 360 get ready 360 fans I'm going to give you five reasons why the 360 won't beat Nintendo.

1) Xbox needs to start selling in Japan. Without a grip in Japan they won't beat Nintendo this time.

2) Xbox live costs money. If Nintendo and Sony have online service that is even close to being as good as Xbox live that will spell trouble. That will be one more reason not to buy a 360 if I can get it free from Sony and Nintendo.

3) The 360 has no motion controller. This will be a downfall if you want a new way to play games. The video game market is taking another change there and Xbox isn't there.

4) Price is still spendy when I can get a Wii for less. At least you have Sony beat on price.

5) Last of all but not least launch. I put launch last because it was a good thing to get a head start but it could hurt you also. This year the Wii and the ps3 will outsell the 360 easily. Why? The 360 is almost a year old. The Xbox 360 this holiday season won't be the new kid on the block. This could be good but it could be bad. If the consumer is willing to wait for the Wii and the Ps3 then the 360 could drop in sales. The fact is I don't see the 360 beating Nintendo here or Sony this Holiday season.

Now to be fair I will give you five reasons the Wii could fail. Then I will give you my rebuttal.

1) The controller is everything for Nintendo if it falls short everything falls short. Rebuttal: This won't happen. Why? The Wiimote has already been doubted and those who doubted were proven wrong. It is hard to find any bad press on the controller.

2) Nintendo is a kiddy console. Nintendo has to get rid of this label that has been so grossly placed on them. Rebuttal: Except for the name Wii which has had its fair share of abuse, Nintendo has a done a good job kicking the kiddy console label off. If they can out do Sony in the market I think people would be foolish to place such a label on them.

3) Graphics won't be as good as they are on the 360 or ps3. Rebuttal: This is true the Wii is no power house but it has enough power to do the job. All Nintendo has to do is have graphics that compete with Sony and Xbox. Do they? You bet your sweet candy butt they do. If you want to see what the Wii can do check out my two pals in my links. I first suggest you check out New Generation he shows some screenshots of Red Steel and how it has come along since E3. That game looks gorgeous. He also has some good info for anyone to read on the graphics of the Wii. My other link I'd have you look at would be Game on he has some great screenshot of Rayman. The Wii will for sure do just fine in this area trust me.

4) Nintendo’s online service is a failure. Rebuttal: Nintendo started their online service with the Wii not very long ago. It has been progressing more and more. I am sure Nintendo will give us better free online service then what Sony will do. Everyone thinks the friend codes will be a downfall. As a parent I like the friend codes. They are a hassle a bit on DS but I'm sure Nintendo has come up with an easier way with friend codes with the Wii. I think the small amount of memory in the controllers could make the friend code thing easier.

5) Nintendo is already in last place and they will always be there. Rebuttle: This is the best place for Nintendo right now. The only people who know what Nintendo can do are its fans. Everyone else is in for an awaking I think. The Wii is shaping up to be one of Nintendo's best consoles they have ever made. They just have to sit back and let Sony and Microsoft fight it out. Sony right now is fighting on the front of the format war, graphics war, and motion sensing controller war. They seem to be so busy fighting on every front that they don't have any defined direction which could hurt them. Nintendo is aiming to change the market with their controller. They will do it and the world will once again know Nintendo.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
No release date or price at LGC
We have another big event that Nintendo is holding the 14th of September keep your fingers crossed that could be the date we here about price info. At Lgc we have another Battalion wars comming and Strikers Charged. It looks ok. I'll try to find some youtubes latter to show everyone. The other big peice of news is the pink ds lite is comming October 27th. My opinion is that if Nintendo didn't give us date and price this month then we would most like see a launch in November. I think it's safe to say we will see the Wii launch in November sometime with the price tag of around 170 is my guess from everything I hvae been reading and seeing lately. I still hope for October though.
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
My new favorite HBO show
You think the Soprano's are good? Check out the Marios episode #1, #2 and #3.

Warning: explicit language and content, proceed with caution!
Ashlee simpson can't lipsync this well!
You have got to check out two chinese boys, here, here and here.

This one is the best by far though. If you don't laugh your butt off, then don't bother coming back to my site, ha, ha!

Why nintendo wii is fun
This was removed before, but it's back and funnier than ever!

Warning: not suitable for young children or virgins. Click here.
Monday, August 21, 2006
Check out this interview
I'm not a big fan of perlin but she puts Matt in his place a few times.

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Hard facts for some to take
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Who is with me on kick this guy's a@@
This movie makes me want to bust out in a River Dance
To my main home boy keepin it real Mario.

My home boy Luigi knows how to shake that thing.
Game on gives us a post
The worst console Launch in History!

I will have to say that the Nintendo Wii could possibly have the worst
launch in the history of videogames. I often ask myself, what is
Nintendo thinking?

Let's take a look at exhibit A: The games. Out of the 27 games that
are being released for Nintendo's Wii system, I could "only" think of
about 15 titles that I would absolutely love to pick up. Come on
Nintendo, my wallet will not be thanking you come November.

Exhibit B: Pure Innovation. A true thank you to Nintendo for forever
changing the way we will play games and for being the pioneers of
innovation. Physical movement, motion sensors and an amazing
controller is sure to place a smile on all gamers and non-gamers
alike. This will forever change the way we play gamers period and
Nintendo is at the forefront.

Exhibit C: Wii. The system is just too sexy to look at. It's the
sleekest, most compact system to date and it's going to be fantastic.
Thanks again Nintendo-I will have to work numerous hours of overtime
these next couple of months.

I would like to thank LoyalN for allowing me to share my thoughts and
opinions with you guys. It was an honor to post on his quality site
and I look forward to future ventures in this realm. Game ON!

I couldn't tell if there was sarcasm or not. Hahahahaha great post from my man
Game on. I'm having trouble deciding how much I need to spend on family for Christmas. I'm trying to spend the least I can so I can load up for the Wii. I am so going to hell. Thanks Game on for the great post. Thanks for visiting my site and please be sure to check out Game on.
Friday, August 11, 2006
Spider man 3 for Wii?
I just got my copy of EGM magazine today and in next months issue they say they will have news for us on the upcoming spiderman 3 game for all three next gen systems. All I want to know is when I play with spidy can I use my wii controller to throw webs. If this game is done right on the wii it could easily separate itself from the ps3 or 360. This is one more game that could make you feel in the game if done right with the controller. Let us hope the wii controller can be used for this game.
Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Getting shiggy with it!!!
What does Reggie think of Blue Ray?
Watch at the end what he has to say. I think he says it best. Simple and sweet. I feel the same on Blue Ray and the ps3.

Reggie gives such a good answer
Nintendo gives the lines
This is like celebrity deathmatch
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Juicy rumors floating about
The first rumor I have been seeing pop up all around on a few different sites. This rumor is that Mario Galaxy could be finished in time for launch. I know our man behind Mario Galaxy said he'd do everything he could to make it a launch but not to count on it. Let's hope Mario, Samus, and Link come to kick some butt. What a launch of titles that would be for Nintendo.
My next three rumors come from IGN. IGN states that the Wii will sell for 229 bucks. I can believe this one easily. The next rumor is that Nintendo will launch in mid October or the end. I will trust gameon and his source for launch date for now until I hear otherwise. Last of all they say that Nintendo is boosting production. They now plan on having 5 million units by the end of this year. Ign says Nintendo is seeing that the Wii is really looking like a hot item. Great news and that I am not surprised to hear. That's it for now when I find some more worthwhile juicy rumor or news I will be sure to post thanks for everyone who visits my blog.
Friday, August 04, 2006
Sony screws the fanboys.
What is up with Sony? I went into Hollywood video to return my movies today and my pal who works in gamecrazy came out to tell me some news. He said "John dude I just got a memo from Sony this morning you are never going to believe this. "
He was right I couldn't believe it. The memo says for stores like gamecrazy to not take any more preorders on the ps3. It says they won't be shipping any console to them at first. They will be shipping to stores first who sell the most new consoles. Why is this screwing the fanboy?
Picture you have a Wii on order at gamecrazy. You get a phone call and they inform you that your preorder is no good there for now. They can't get you a console on launch day. You have to then go take your money somewhere else and try to get on a preorder list once again but this time you aren't in the top ten. What a joke I'd be so pissed. This also shows very strongly that Sony is already having shortages. How sad! Nintendo at least comes prepared for launch when they come. They do a pretty good job at making sure their consoles out on the market. Nintendo has had shortages but it's not for long and they wouldn't screw people out of their preorders.
My pal Keven at gamecrazy had to call a list of people today to tell them he wouldn't be getting any ps3 to his store. He was in for a bad day today. One more reason not to buy the ps3.
Thursday, August 03, 2006
Tonyhawk downhill jam video
Go Nintendo has this you tube on their site and I thought it needed to be spread around the net a little more. I like being able to watch the guy play the game. It makes me want to take the controller from his hands just to feel for myself. That almost sounded dirty didn't it?

Game on with a date.
If you haven't checked out my pal Game on you should. What's wrong with you hit up my links. Anyway I'm sorry if this post seems a little crazy. You'd be crazy to if you had as much sleep as I've had. Game on has a November date launch for the Wii. He claims to have an inside source. I trust him and his source. The signs so far from everything I am seeing around the net are really pointing that way. Big thumbs up to Game on for setting the internet on fire with this date. I will keep you all posted as the news comes in to me. As for now until we hear otherwise I think it's safe to say this is it. Stay tuned for price. I know I'm drooling at the mouth with my pocket book wide open ready to shell out the dough.