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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Why power doesn't always win a race.

This is a picture of a Toyota Celica. I love this car it isn't the fastest but it is my dream car it has all the curves in a car I could want. I work in a parts department for a GM dealership. You may be thinking right now who cares.
You may be thinking I thought this was a blog for the Wii. Well it still is a blog for the Wii. My post today is to get people thinking about why the power of the ps3 isn't a big deal. The wii is considered to be underpowered compared to the ps3 and 360. You would think with underpower it wouldn't be a worth while product. I'm here to tell you why power doesn't always win.
I have some friends at my work that race cars for a hobby. They will tell you straight up that a big engine is important but it won't win you a race. You have to have good tires and fuel. Does Nintendo have good tires and fuel? Most important if they do have an underpowered engine is it enough power to keep up?
Nintendo does indeed have a big enough engine to compete. I'm sure with all the power the ps3 has it will look better in some cases compared to the Wii. However I think in some cases the naked eye may not be able to tell the difference. We have come so far in graphics it's getting hard to tell what looks better to the naked eye. Anyway the Wii has an engine ready to compete.
Let's talk about the tires of Nintendo. Tires is what your car rides on. What does Nintendo have to ride on? Nintendo has a huge fan base. The old school games for Nintendo will bring back some people who love the side scrollers. The quality of Nintendo is a lot like Toyota for me I have never had any problems with their products. They load fast and quiet. The ps3 I can almost bet will take more time to load then the wii will. I hate waiting! The biggest thing that the Wii has to ride on though is easily the controller. If the controller isn't working for the wii then it all comes to a stop like flat tires. However the controller is the talk of the town. Nintendo was getting bashed on now it's like that was a thing of the past. The tires I can tell you are good to go.
Fuels can slow a car down or give it a boost. Some racers will use a gas called NOS. It will push your car that much faster. The fuel for Nintendo is their software. The games they have coming up will sell consoles. Xbox is proof that games sell consoles. I know so many people that bought a xbox just for Halo. I know I did. The ps3 right now is running on weak fuel.
The games are a little disappointing for a launch. Sony has always relied very heavily on third party support. Some of Sony's third party support has been kicking them to the curb lately. If Nintendo keeps gaining the third party support they will be even more of a fast fueled racing car.
Sony may have power but they don't have a controller that is built around the whole system. They don't have software right now that even opens my eyes to them. I think Sony is about to have an upset. The cards are in place for one. Only time will tell though. Good luck to Sony. Just remember power isn't always what wins the race someone should tell Sony that.