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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
~sticky~ Who's interested ~sticky~
I have been thinking about doing a contest where I'd give away a DS lite skin pack or a copy of the DVD the Wizard, when it comes out next month.

I would do a caption contest where I'd post a picture and you guys come up with the captions then we take a poll on the best caption.

I would love to start a contest and if it went well then I'd love to do an even bigger contest around Christmas where some lucky winner could have a game for the Wii or DS or gamecube. I'd prefer to give away a Wii game at Christmas this year but I have some things I need from my readers.

If you'd do the contest please post in my comments that you're interested. If I see that I have a fair number that would like to do a contest then I will hold one.

If I don't have enough people we won't do one, or I will just have a drawing with whoever comments, which right now is only one of you. I need to see comments on this to make it happen. I have to know my readers want to do it. I will see how this goes and then I will be putting up another post letting you all know if it is going to happen or not. Thanks to everyone.