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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Screen shot impressions for Call of Duty for the Wii
I wanted to give my impression of the screen shots I have seen for Call of Duty. I have the magazine they come from. If you want the magazine go look for Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 205 July 2006. Anyway if you haven't seen the screen shots yet I don't know what to tell you. They are all over on the net. Anyway you won't get screen shot images here I'm going to go on a rant for a bit. I am so sick of people saying the Wii won't look that good. It will barely look better then the xbox. The graphics are just gamecube graphics. Please do me a favor shut the pie hole. These images have proven to me that the graphic power of the Wii is enough that you can't tell much difference between the three consoles. The ps3 is supposed to be this graphic power house right? Everything I have seen so far is just as good as the 360. I understand the ps3 is supposed to produce high resolution hd right. Who cares if you can't see a huge difference. The difference I see is barely visible to the naked eye. You have to study the pictures just to see what console is producing the graphics for the game. It's just like the ps2, xbox, and gamecube. I could play a game on the ps2 and to my eyes the same game looked just as good on the cube or xbox. It seems to be the same so far as I can tell this round. Graphics have come about as far as they can possible go now. Video games need a new feel not a new fresh better look. How long have we been playing games on pads now? Nintendo is changing the market for the better thank goodness because games shoudn't come down to look how pretty this is. Games need to be about look how much FUN this is. Games seem to have fallen away from this concept. They have been slowly coming to look how beautiful this is. Since when did video games become a day at the art show. Games should have never drifted away from fun but they have slowly because no one has wanted to change or shake the market up. Nintendo once again comes along to lead that charge. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!! Change of not how the game looks but at last how it plays. We have come so far in graphics now how can we change the look of a game to be widely noticeable to the naked eye? If we can't make it be widely noticeable to the naked eye then why have a console war over graphics? It's just stupid it should come down to gameplay. Thanks for letting me rant. Sorry if I offend anyone please do remember these are my opinions and you most certainly have the right to disagree with me. I just needed that off my chest.