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Saturday, July 29, 2006
October looking like the time for launch
I was careful to come out and say October will be the time for the release date. I have been gathering info before coming to the table and saying yup that's it. I have gathered three sources so far that point to October. Gamestop has a few games listed for October dates. I went into my Gamecrazy store yesterday and they have Raman had Wii sports listed for October dates.
The source I find most interesting though is Wal-mart. Wal mart has been known to break the rules when it comes to release dates. I remember not to long ago finding out that a Wal-mart in Boise was selling the ds lite almost two weeks before the official street date. I could see Wal-mart not caring what Nintendo wanted and just throwing the date out there. They already have spongebob to buy October 2nd. This may not be the date of the Wii. Still if this game does come out October 2nd we know the Wii is soon to be on it's way latter that month. It is possible for games to come out before the system. I however don't see Nintendo having games out before the system. If they do have some Wii games out before the launch it won't be to far ahead of the launch.
I would almost bet money that the Wii will launch in October. It makes great sense for Nintendo to be that much farther ahead of Sony. If they were to launch in October this would give them a chance to push out another shipment of Wii consoles just before Christmas rush hits.