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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
The next gen consoles comparisons to girls rundown
Xbox 360 is the first system I want to talk about. I have tried the 360 out and the reason I haven't bought one is it's the same system as the xbox just better looking if you ask me. I don't feel the changes all that much. The 360 is like that girl that is fun to date but you would never want to spend the rest of your life with. She just has things that bother you about her but she is fun to hang out with sometimes.

Sony ps3 I haven't tried but I'm so not impressed. The ps3 seems to be like that girl that is a raging slut. She has slept with every guy you can think of but man is she hot. She has a lot of nice features about her. You decide you want to hook up with her. Big mistake. At first you can't believe how hot she is. You think wow I'm with this girl. You decide to take her to nice restaurant. She only has a salad then goes to the bathroom. She doesn't come back and leaves you with the bill all alone. Worst of all she stole your wallet. So now you have to do dishes get the picture.

Nintendo Wii. Nintendo is like that girl you at first took on some dates but then put on the back burner. You just forgot about her. You then start to notice her again because she has become really pretty. You take her on a date and everything just feels right. You just know she is what you've wanted. A match made in heaven. You soon buy her a ring and live happily ever after.

Please don't hook up with the slut. You need to be with the girl that makes you happy. It's Nintendo she has always been there for you. You just didn't know it.