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Sunday, July 30, 2006
Letters to Mario

Dear Mario,
Hey little red man. What's going on? I thought I'd drop you a line and tell you I look foward to seeing you in a smash brothers battle. I have been busy getting ready for my next trip I plan on taking here soon. I'm always out tring to save the galaxy. My suit sure feels like it is corrupted lately. I'll have to make some adjustments.
So I here you have big trip around the galaxy coming up also. I'm excited for you. If you run into any problems you give me a call ok. I mean come on do you really think peach can save your butt this time if you get caught in a jam.
I think we both know I'm twice the woman she'll ever be. How is peach doing anyway?
I hear link is still chasing after Zelda. That girl sure gets herself into trouble alot. I don't know how you and link stick around wtih the women you got. They couldn't save themselves if they had to. Men are strange creatures though. I'll stick to hunting down alien scum. Well I'm sure your trip this time should be better than your vaction you took. If you ever want to have a water gun fight you should bring that super soaker of yours. Well I have to board my ship and get going but you stay true plumber boy. You know I love ya. Who dosen't love you Mario we always excepct the best out of you.
Your girl,