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Friday, July 07, 2006
Is Nintendo overrated?
I'm sure some angry Sony fans would say yes and so would some xbox fans the fact is of the matter is though they are not. I will give you the reasons why.

1) Nintendo hasn't had positive press like this for a while. They used to get negative press like the ps3 is getting now.

2)You don't show up at e3 taking awards if you are overrated.

3) Most people the first day of e3 were skeptical of Nintendo.

4) The next days of e3 once word got out they caused large lines and a stampede.

5) ps3 was supposed to be the big deal this year. It isn't much of a big deal right now.

6)Nintendo has been around the longest out of the two companies as far as being in this kind of market. You don't just stick around for a few years they have obviously been doing some things right to still be competing.
7) Sony fans are angry with their company some are looking to Nintendo this round.

8) It's pretty sweet when Peter Moore gives you a pat on the back by saying people will buy two consoles this year the 360 and the Wii

9)The industry of video games is ready for something new. They always are ready.

10) This is a new way to play what Nintendo has been doing for years. They have been coming up with ideas all the time to play the game differently. Graphics are nice but it's not how the game always looks that matters more importantly it's how the game feels that draws us in graphics add to the experience which most definitely come next. Nintendo gets that.