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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Dear Mario letter from link

Dear Mario,
How's the red hat treating you. I think you should get a real hat like mine or at least a real color like green. Your brother has good taste in color. I hear you are taking a trip around the galaxy soon. That should be cool. I have an adventure I'm going on myself soon. I will be leaving for my trip earlier than you though. So Zelda is looking hot these days. I tell you though peach is looking good herself. I don't know how you put up with her temper though. She's got issues man. She cries catches things on fire when she's gets mad. What's with that umbrella of hers? I here she had to save your butt not to long ago. You know bro that's not like you to have peach come save you. Don't tell me you are losing your skills. I am getting real good with my bow lately. You should come help take care of the cattle some time on the ranch. You keep telling me you'd like to go fishing with me. Tell me a time I'll take you. Anyway you becareful on you next trip. I'd sure like to see you bring your fans back in whole new way. Kids these days are hard to please but I think things are looking up for us. You write me soon ok. I plan on going on my big adveture here sometime in late October or early November. I'm still not sure yet I'll have a date soon enough.

Your pal,