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Sunday, July 30, 2006
another cool wii game
Wii gets a dance video
Letters to Mario

Dear Mario,
Hey little red man. What's going on? I thought I'd drop you a line and tell you I look foward to seeing you in a smash brothers battle. I have been busy getting ready for my next trip I plan on taking here soon. I'm always out tring to save the galaxy. My suit sure feels like it is corrupted lately. I'll have to make some adjustments.
So I here you have big trip around the galaxy coming up also. I'm excited for you. If you run into any problems you give me a call ok. I mean come on do you really think peach can save your butt this time if you get caught in a jam.
I think we both know I'm twice the woman she'll ever be. How is peach doing anyway?
I hear link is still chasing after Zelda. That girl sure gets herself into trouble alot. I don't know how you and link stick around wtih the women you got. They couldn't save themselves if they had to. Men are strange creatures though. I'll stick to hunting down alien scum. Well I'm sure your trip this time should be better than your vaction you took. If you ever want to have a water gun fight you should bring that super soaker of yours. Well I have to board my ship and get going but you stay true plumber boy. You know I love ya. Who dosen't love you Mario we always excepct the best out of you.
Your girl,
Saturday, July 29, 2006
Mario a real comic
October looking like the time for launch
I was careful to come out and say October will be the time for the release date. I have been gathering info before coming to the table and saying yup that's it. I have gathered three sources so far that point to October. Gamestop has a few games listed for October dates. I went into my Gamecrazy store yesterday and they have Raman had Wii sports listed for October dates.
The source I find most interesting though is Wal-mart. Wal mart has been known to break the rules when it comes to release dates. I remember not to long ago finding out that a Wal-mart in Boise was selling the ds lite almost two weeks before the official street date. I could see Wal-mart not caring what Nintendo wanted and just throwing the date out there. They already have spongebob to buy October 2nd. This may not be the date of the Wii. Still if this game does come out October 2nd we know the Wii is soon to be on it's way latter that month. It is possible for games to come out before the system. I however don't see Nintendo having games out before the system. If they do have some Wii games out before the launch it won't be to far ahead of the launch.
I would almost bet money that the Wii will launch in October. It makes great sense for Nintendo to be that much farther ahead of Sony. If they were to launch in October this would give them a chance to push out another shipment of Wii consoles just before Christmas rush hits.
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Why power doesn't always win a race.

This is a picture of a Toyota Celica. I love this car it isn't the fastest but it is my dream car it has all the curves in a car I could want. I work in a parts department for a GM dealership. You may be thinking right now who cares.
You may be thinking I thought this was a blog for the Wii. Well it still is a blog for the Wii. My post today is to get people thinking about why the power of the ps3 isn't a big deal. The wii is considered to be underpowered compared to the ps3 and 360. You would think with underpower it wouldn't be a worth while product. I'm here to tell you why power doesn't always win.
I have some friends at my work that race cars for a hobby. They will tell you straight up that a big engine is important but it won't win you a race. You have to have good tires and fuel. Does Nintendo have good tires and fuel? Most important if they do have an underpowered engine is it enough power to keep up?
Nintendo does indeed have a big enough engine to compete. I'm sure with all the power the ps3 has it will look better in some cases compared to the Wii. However I think in some cases the naked eye may not be able to tell the difference. We have come so far in graphics it's getting hard to tell what looks better to the naked eye. Anyway the Wii has an engine ready to compete.
Let's talk about the tires of Nintendo. Tires is what your car rides on. What does Nintendo have to ride on? Nintendo has a huge fan base. The old school games for Nintendo will bring back some people who love the side scrollers. The quality of Nintendo is a lot like Toyota for me I have never had any problems with their products. They load fast and quiet. The ps3 I can almost bet will take more time to load then the wii will. I hate waiting! The biggest thing that the Wii has to ride on though is easily the controller. If the controller isn't working for the wii then it all comes to a stop like flat tires. However the controller is the talk of the town. Nintendo was getting bashed on now it's like that was a thing of the past. The tires I can tell you are good to go.
Fuels can slow a car down or give it a boost. Some racers will use a gas called NOS. It will push your car that much faster. The fuel for Nintendo is their software. The games they have coming up will sell consoles. Xbox is proof that games sell consoles. I know so many people that bought a xbox just for Halo. I know I did. The ps3 right now is running on weak fuel.
The games are a little disappointing for a launch. Sony has always relied very heavily on third party support. Some of Sony's third party support has been kicking them to the curb lately. If Nintendo keeps gaining the third party support they will be even more of a fast fueled racing car.
Sony may have power but they don't have a controller that is built around the whole system. They don't have software right now that even opens my eyes to them. I think Sony is about to have an upset. The cards are in place for one. Only time will tell though. Good luck to Sony. Just remember power isn't always what wins the race someone should tell Sony that.
The turtles video game shaping up
Sunday, July 23, 2006
Link here's your song
I'm super!!
Got to see this
If you are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan like I am this is going to blow your mind. This looks so sweet I am pumped over this as much as I am over the Wii.

Dear Mario letter from link

Dear Mario,
How's the red hat treating you. I think you should get a real hat like mine or at least a real color like green. Your brother has good taste in color. I hear you are taking a trip around the galaxy soon. That should be cool. I have an adventure I'm going on myself soon. I will be leaving for my trip earlier than you though. So Zelda is looking hot these days. I tell you though peach is looking good herself. I don't know how you put up with her temper though. She's got issues man. She cries catches things on fire when she's gets mad. What's with that umbrella of hers? I here she had to save your butt not to long ago. You know bro that's not like you to have peach come save you. Don't tell me you are losing your skills. I am getting real good with my bow lately. You should come help take care of the cattle some time on the ranch. You keep telling me you'd like to go fishing with me. Tell me a time I'll take you. Anyway you becareful on you next trip. I'd sure like to see you bring your fans back in whole new way. Kids these days are hard to please but I think things are looking up for us. You write me soon ok. I plan on going on my big adveture here sometime in late October or early November. I'm still not sure yet I'll have a date soon enough.

Your pal,
Thursday, July 20, 2006
Nintendo one tough cookie
I have three nephews and my youngest is really hard on his consoles. This video did not surprise me. It's still way cool. I'm sorry if you can't speak Spanish. I can't speak it but you don't need to in order to enjoy the video

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
~sticky~ Who's interested ~sticky~
I have been thinking about doing a contest where I'd give away a DS lite skin pack or a copy of the DVD the Wizard, when it comes out next month.

I would do a caption contest where I'd post a picture and you guys come up with the captions then we take a poll on the best caption.

I would love to start a contest and if it went well then I'd love to do an even bigger contest around Christmas where some lucky winner could have a game for the Wii or DS or gamecube. I'd prefer to give away a Wii game at Christmas this year but I have some things I need from my readers.

If you'd do the contest please post in my comments that you're interested. If I see that I have a fair number that would like to do a contest then I will hold one.

If I don't have enough people we won't do one, or I will just have a drawing with whoever comments, which right now is only one of you. I need to see comments on this to make it happen. I have to know my readers want to do it. I will see how this goes and then I will be putting up another post letting you all know if it is going to happen or not. Thanks to everyone.
Friday, July 14, 2006
Mario letters coming soon every Weekend
Have you ever wondered what Samus would say if she wrote Mario a letter? Have you wondered what Link might say to Mario in a letter? Wonder no more. We have the letters that are written to Mario. Coming next weekend read what famous video game stars write Mario.

stay tuned only on loyalnfan.blogspot.com

Why some guys need video games more than girls.
This video is freaking funny.

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Why my kid will buy her own Ds lite
How could this kid do this. It makes me feel like those people who cry over trees being cut down. I love my Ds lite so much seeing this one hurt makes me want to scream. I thought this was a funny video. I sure hope that kid learns to count to ten or something next time he gets mad . That poor Ds lite. Has anyone got a hankie enjoy the video.

This is a great youtube video
I loved this so much even though I have seen all of this footage before the music was great. The video went to the music very well I thought. Drop the bombshell Nintendo!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Screen shot impressions for Call of Duty for the Wii
I wanted to give my impression of the screen shots I have seen for Call of Duty. I have the magazine they come from. If you want the magazine go look for Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 205 July 2006. Anyway if you haven't seen the screen shots yet I don't know what to tell you. They are all over on the net. Anyway you won't get screen shot images here I'm going to go on a rant for a bit. I am so sick of people saying the Wii won't look that good. It will barely look better then the xbox. The graphics are just gamecube graphics. Please do me a favor shut the pie hole. These images have proven to me that the graphic power of the Wii is enough that you can't tell much difference between the three consoles. The ps3 is supposed to be this graphic power house right? Everything I have seen so far is just as good as the 360. I understand the ps3 is supposed to produce high resolution hd right. Who cares if you can't see a huge difference. The difference I see is barely visible to the naked eye. You have to study the pictures just to see what console is producing the graphics for the game. It's just like the ps2, xbox, and gamecube. I could play a game on the ps2 and to my eyes the same game looked just as good on the cube or xbox. It seems to be the same so far as I can tell this round. Graphics have come about as far as they can possible go now. Video games need a new feel not a new fresh better look. How long have we been playing games on pads now? Nintendo is changing the market for the better thank goodness because games shoudn't come down to look how pretty this is. Games need to be about look how much FUN this is. Games seem to have fallen away from this concept. They have been slowly coming to look how beautiful this is. Since when did video games become a day at the art show. Games should have never drifted away from fun but they have slowly because no one has wanted to change or shake the market up. Nintendo once again comes along to lead that charge. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE!! Change of not how the game looks but at last how it plays. We have come so far in graphics now how can we change the look of a game to be widely noticeable to the naked eye? If we can't make it be widely noticeable to the naked eye then why have a console war over graphics? It's just stupid it should come down to gameplay. Thanks for letting me rant. Sorry if I offend anyone please do remember these are my opinions and you most certainly have the right to disagree with me. I just needed that off my chest.
This is my shout out to the old schoolers.
Keep it real. These games soon could be yours to play brought to you by the Wii. I'm not huge into the Nes but this still got my blood flowing. I'm looking to the Wii to fill my need for the super Nintendo. Give me Star Fox, Mario World, and Super Metroid. Oh oh OHHHHHH YEAAAHHHH!

Here's a thank you for all that comment on my blog
Take it away Polly

The next gen consoles comparisons to girls rundown
Xbox 360 is the first system I want to talk about. I have tried the 360 out and the reason I haven't bought one is it's the same system as the xbox just better looking if you ask me. I don't feel the changes all that much. The 360 is like that girl that is fun to date but you would never want to spend the rest of your life with. She just has things that bother you about her but she is fun to hang out with sometimes.

Sony ps3 I haven't tried but I'm so not impressed. The ps3 seems to be like that girl that is a raging slut. She has slept with every guy you can think of but man is she hot. She has a lot of nice features about her. You decide you want to hook up with her. Big mistake. At first you can't believe how hot she is. You think wow I'm with this girl. You decide to take her to nice restaurant. She only has a salad then goes to the bathroom. She doesn't come back and leaves you with the bill all alone. Worst of all she stole your wallet. So now you have to do dishes get the picture.

Nintendo Wii. Nintendo is like that girl you at first took on some dates but then put on the back burner. You just forgot about her. You then start to notice her again because she has become really pretty. You take her on a date and everything just feels right. You just know she is what you've wanted. A match made in heaven. You soon buy her a ring and live happily ever after.

Please don't hook up with the slut. You need to be with the girl that makes you happy. It's Nintendo she has always been there for you. You just didn't know it.
Monday, July 10, 2006
What an exciting time
No matter who comes out on top after the dust settles it's always an exciting time to for geeks like me to see who will win the war. I see Nintendo taking it this time as I've said before but there are a lot of factors that could change that. I'm no to proud to say Nintendo could be in third place again but I doubt it. The big factor will be the consumer when the ps3 and wii are on the market the consumer will decide over the next period of time. I see the ps3 at first being the big winner but over the course of time I see Nintendo coming on top. The only reason I see the ps3 coming out on top first is their fan base is big and anal. Sony fans are a way different breed they are hard to explain. Any way enjoy the clip.

Sony has lost their mind
This is the the most screwed up ad for a vido game system I have ever seen. Whta the hell are you doing Sony?

Friday, July 07, 2006
Is Nintendo overrated?
I'm sure some angry Sony fans would say yes and so would some xbox fans the fact is of the matter is though they are not. I will give you the reasons why.

1) Nintendo hasn't had positive press like this for a while. They used to get negative press like the ps3 is getting now.

2)You don't show up at e3 taking awards if you are overrated.

3) Most people the first day of e3 were skeptical of Nintendo.

4) The next days of e3 once word got out they caused large lines and a stampede.

5) ps3 was supposed to be the big deal this year. It isn't much of a big deal right now.

6)Nintendo has been around the longest out of the two companies as far as being in this kind of market. You don't just stick around for a few years they have obviously been doing some things right to still be competing.
7) Sony fans are angry with their company some are looking to Nintendo this round.

8) It's pretty sweet when Peter Moore gives you a pat on the back by saying people will buy two consoles this year the 360 and the Wii

9)The industry of video games is ready for something new. They always are ready.

10) This is a new way to play what Nintendo has been doing for years. They have been coming up with ideas all the time to play the game differently. Graphics are nice but it's not how the game always looks that matters more importantly it's how the game feels that draws us in graphics add to the experience which most definitely come next. Nintendo gets that.
Thursday, July 06, 2006
I want mario now!!!!
Wednesday, July 05, 2006
How silly they sound now!
I remember this video and found it again today. I was at the time thinking about getting an xbox 360. What a stupid idea. As soon as I found out about the controller and a little more I said to hell with xbox. I have been on board with Nintendo ever since last summer on the Wii. I have always been a loyal Nintendo fan but I was considering another console this round since the gamecube was a little disappointing. I find this video interesting though because I see Nintendo where they were a year ago and where they are today after a powerful E3 showing. I really see Nintendo shutting people up who say they should just stick to games or portables. Nintendo has been around for about 2 decades now. This is a company that is and always has been about games. They also are about the most important thing of all the consumer. Keep doing what you do best big N. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Last of all but not least Nintendo fans I want you all to know you are special because you are of a different breed. The breed I love the most.

Nintendo Online community?
The rumor going around now is that Nintendo has been trademarking names like Wiifun and things of that nature for an online community. They seem to be wanting to compete against xbox a little here. I hope this turns out to be true that could make the friend code thing smoother and I'm sure Nintendo would have a kick butt community. Nintendo people are my people.
Insider industry thinks October launch
Some insider industry boys think the Wii could come to us is October or better yet even the end of September. My source tells me that the Wii is already gone into final production so it's on track for just that kind of launch but time will tell. We will know for sure when Nintendo spills the beans. This is still very exciting news to me. I'm awaiting anxiously.
this is what you do when your bored

warning this film does have some sex scenes it it. hahahaha.
Sony takes out a loan
Sony took out an eighty billion yen loan and cut over ten thousand jobs. It was said that the loan was flexible and the sum was more then what they planned to borrow. They are starting to feel the punch of the blue ray. Sony hasn't borrowed money for over a decade now. Does taking out a loan from the bank seem not a good idea to anyone else. I see it not a good idea because they should really listen to the consumer. Most consumers don't care or want blue ray for that matter. I see Nintendo just having more of a chance all of the time to take the throne back.
Monday, July 03, 2006
A great trailer to show off the beloved Wii
Sunday, July 02, 2006
top ten guns
I found this useful for my next hunting trip.

Release date according to sports illustrated for kids
In the latest sports illustrated for kids it talks about the ps3 and the Wii. Sports illustrated for kids say the release date for the is November 6th. Does this mean you should take your vacation time to enjoy your new system around November 6th. I wouldn't just yet but the more I see things about the release date it looks promising we could see it here in America at the beginning of November or end of October. We soon will get the info from Nintendo. Give it till September and I almost bet by or in September we will have official release date till then I'll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks to everyone who visits my site and Happy 4th of July to everyone. I'm going to go blow some stuff up with some firecrackers have a great day.
Saturday, July 01, 2006
Rock on Zelda!!!!