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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
xbox pros and cons why things are looking ok for the 360
The xbox had plenty of time to come to the table with something good first round. People hadn't even heard of xbox when it first came out but it quickly took off. Microsoft was smart to have a system with a hard drive. That was something new for consoles. The graphics were sharp and Halo Sold many xbox consoles. Microsoft showed us that games can sell a system. Microsoft took America by storm with online gaming they opened it up. The only con for me with xbox was the controllers were the worst on the market. They worked fine and all but the shape sucked. They improved that a little better over time though. Xbox 360 launched first this time. They are ahead of the game but they have changed much to make others outside of their hardcore fans want to buy it. The console is priced fairly but the controller hasn't changed much. It is lighter and feels better in your hands this time but still same old shape nothing new there. The removable hard drive is cool. The faceplate thing is lame if you ask me. The console is smaller then the xbox but it just seems to me to be a xbox with prettier graphics. I'm not sold on it. The games do look good but they sure are pumping out the first person shooters. This console has more first person shooters then anything I have ever seen in my life. The first person shooter is great but come up with new stuff please. Still they do look like a console more worth owing then the ps3 this time