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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
The top three
Here is a list of my top three games. Add a comment and tell me what you thought belonged in the top three.

1) Super Mario Brothers 3
2) Contra
3) Megaman 2

Super Nes:
1) Mario Kart
2) Super Metroid
3) Secret of Mana

Nintendo 64:
1) Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
2)Star Fox
3) Goldeneye

1)Resident Evil 4
2) Super Mario Tennis
3) Mario Kart Double Dash

1) Sonic
2) Toejam and Earl
3)Golden ax

Sony Playstation:
1)Final fantasy Tactics
2) Warhawk
3) Tony Hawk

1) Kingdom Hearts
2) Grand Theft Auto Vice City
3) God of War

1) Fable
2) Halo
3) Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Gameboy Advance
1)Zelda Minish cap
2)Metroid Fusion
3) Kirby in Nightmare Land

1) Mario Kart DS
2)Tetris DS
3) Animal Crossing

Eye candy games on next gen systems

xbox 360
1) Halo 3
2) Gears of War
3) Tomb Raider Legend

1) Warhawk
2) Final fantasy 7
3) Nothing else weak line up so far.

1) Twilight Princess Zelda
2) Super smash brothers Dojo
3) Mario galaxy

Best overall system out of all these The Super Nintendo. It had the best games I have ever played on any system yet. The Wii could easily take that spot though if done right.