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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
ps2 outselling the 360
The reports are showing that sony is outselling the 360 with playstation 2 by double in USA. This is interesting but comes as no surprise ether. The ps2 is 130 vs 300 to 400 for a 360. The ps2 has butt load of games out right now. This was intringing but it say nothing about how the ps3 will do against the 360. Looking at the polls I have lately the ps3 looks like it is in trouble but the ps2 if it keeps running strong could help Sony. I don't think it would be much help though considering the huge loss they plan to take. It is all balls to the walls or nothing with the ps3. Will it be the next gamecube and Nintendo 64 though? Time will tell. I see it being like dreamcast and 3d0 to far ahead of it's time and to expensive. I do wish Sony best of luck but when you think that the ps3 is a super computer peter Moore you have problems. Good luck to Sony but I think it will come down to 360 and wii this round. I would put my money down on Nintendo right now.