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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Playstation 2 Pros and Cons and why ps3 looks gloomy
This system was first to launch. This gave Sony time to clean up the bugs which put them ahead of the game. Sony made a very smart move in keeping the controllers compatible along with the playstation games. Some features out of the box were nice to have also like DVD player. The system could play vertically or horizontally giving you room on your shelf if needed. The third part support was there and even though the launch line up of games wasn't that great it made up for it by being able to play your old games.The graphics looked better this was a good system. The only cons of the system for me was the lineup of games at first. Sony made smart moves last console war. What are they doing wrong this time? The price for the ps3 is Ouch. The blue ray player is to far ahead of it's time. Where can I start renting my blue ray DVD's? Sony is betting all on the blue ray rather then gaming itself. The motion controller needs overhauled. It would have been better for their sake had they copied Nintendo. Anyhow my personal opinion please leave your remarks if you have anything else to say on this matter