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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Nintendo wii to have built in camera?
I have been hearing a lot about how wiisports will let you put your face on the characters in the game and then in other games it was said it could be used. This would be a cool feature. You will need a camera of course to do so unless this rumor I got is true. The 360 has you buy their camera for 50 bucks but the wii could have one built in to the system perhaps. I got this info from gameonrevolution. blogspot.com. A few companies have got an e3 CD from Nintendo with some wii info. On the front of the cover of the CD is the wii console with it's secret doors open. According to gameon he says it looks like in the picture there is a SD card reader which would not surprise me. I think Nintendo will have 4gb SD cards for memory and up. Giving the consumer the choice for storage. The writer of gameon goes on to say also behind the secret door looks like to be a lens of sort. A camera lens is what he thinks it is perhaps. What do you guys think? Check it out at game on. This would surprise me a little just because I thought Nintendo would have this as an add on not built in. I figured they'd have a camera. I know Nintendo still has a few cards up their sleeves they even said they have a few more things in store for us before launch.