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Monday, June 05, 2006
Nintendo kicking some @$$ in the polls
A recent poll on joystiq had over 30000 voters vote on which console they would buy check out these numbers

The wii came out with 85% of the vote
Ps3 took 21%
and 360 took 57%

That breaks down to the following market shares:
Nintendo would have 51% of the market
Ps3 13%
360 34%

Polls don't say everything but most of the people who vote on joystiq are hardcore gamers. Does this mean Nintendo has won the hearts of the hardcore gamers once more?

It could be that time will tell. One thing is for sure Xbox and Nintendo could wipe sony off the map all together. The other thing for sure is that Sony needs to step things up because, right now things are looking gloomy for the once crowned king.