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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Here's Johny!!!
Here ya go the pros and woes of the ds lite from my side of the fence. My wife wrote some good stuff I thought. I will post some pictures of these two beatuful babies tomorrow for you all to drool over tomorrow. First off let's talk about the size and shape. The size is so nice!!! It fit's better in my pockets when I just want to carry it around. The shape is sleek. It is like the shape of some of the hottest girls you will ever see. The color is a big WOW for me. I though I'd be for sure wanting to get some skins to cover that boring white. This isn't no white like I have seen though. It is sleek shiny sturdy plastic white front to back. When the lite closes it fits perfectly together giving you a sleek rectangle. This system is so nice looking at first glance you could mistake it for a large ipod or something. Nintendo has only the ds symbol on the front of the casing that is rasied in the middle. This is one HOT looking toy. I thought the psp had a better design slightly than the ds but the lite blows the psp out of the water with design this round. The buttons feel more cushion like this time. The power button sldes up on the side to turn on. The mike is in the middel of the two screens. I am shocked Nintendo isn't charging more for this baby. The stylus is sooooooo nice. it is longer thincker and I feel so much more in control of the game. The screen brightness is a huge change. My screen at full bight level in a slight dark room is Blinding. I have to play my lite at level two brightness in a dark room because the screen is so bright it hurts my eyes almost to look at it. That is the only downfall I guess but a huge plus. The game boy advance cover is the same color as the machine. It almost hides that there is a gameboy advance slot even at all. I am so impressed by the design of this portable. It is best looking portable I have seen on a market yet. It really screams out show me off I am one hot ass gadget. The touch screen works a little better to me but that could be because my old ds was used. The screen feels good and smooth. Picks up the touch perfectly. The sound seems a bit better to me. I don't think Nintendo added anything new to enrich the sound of it but it just seems to sound more crisp then the old ds. My wife agrees with me on that one. I think if you are looking for a new ds the lite is great. If you are thinking about trading your old ds in for a lite. I say do it. The lite says to me Nintendo knows how to make systems that look freaking SWEET. I really like the casing on the ds lite so much. It just looks sharp. I really hope and pray that they use the same casing on the wii as they have with the lite. From the pictures I see the wii already looks orgasmic but with shiny casing in what ever color around the wii like the ds will just send my eyes into oveload amazment. Well if you have any questions about the ds lite please comment and I will take the time to post and answer them