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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Hats off to Mario
He has been around since Nintendo brought us the Nes. Mario has been the cornerstone for Nintendo. They have since then made many great games. Nintendo has been around for a little over a decade now. They have stayed in the market even when they have had things not go well like the virtual boy and the gamecube. We can't bash on Nintendo for the cube though it still had it's great games. The virtual boy just gave you a headache. Does Nintendo have what it takes to win a console war is the question I hear people asking? Let me ask you this does Nintendo kick butt still in the handheld market? Nintendo may be considered an underdog but not to me they aren't. Consider this the gamecube had poor third party support right. So why did the gamecube even sell? The ds has much better third party support then the cube but it even is considered compared to the psp to having poor third party support. The Cube sold because Nintendo made games. The ds sold and kicks butt in the market today because Nintendo made the games. Microsoft hasn't even come close to big N to publishing first party titles that could keep a system alive own their own. Sony relies so much on third party support if you took that away from them they would be nothing. Nintendo has been bashed around being called the kiddy console. Well guess what I'd rather have my kids playing Nintendo more than xbox or playstion. Why you might ask? We have to much JUNK or CRAP on TV as it is blood and guts to sex for entertainment. Why does a video game require sex to be entertaining? Why does a video game require killing and stealing to be entertaining? I have played my fair share of games like that. I enjoy Mario much more because it's about fun pure entertainment. I love Chris Rock as a comedian but I love Brian Regan more because he never swears during a performance and still can make roll with laughter. I think entertainers that require smut to makie things more entertaining have the least brain power. Smut entertainment is easy to produce. Good wholesome entertainment without the smut requires more thought. My hat goes off to Nintendo. Thanks for giving us games that entertain us without the trash. This video is for the man who makes games fun. Keep up the good work big N