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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Guest post from my pal Sony fan Justin Anderson
Hi everyone. I wanted to post on John's blog to all of you because I am writing my dear John letter to Sony. That's right I am braking off my ties with them. I hope this letter can benefit all other fanboys out there. First off a little about me I have been a big Sony fan for quite sometime. I love the ps2 and ps1 and my psp. I also own a ds but I play my psp more. I have been true to Sony for some time but it ends with the ps3. Here you go Sony.

Dear Sony
I remember great times with warhawk. I remember running through resident evil 2. We had a lot of fun with Crash Bandicouit but it's over. You have decided to care more about Blue Ray this round making your system over priced. I never used my DVD player for the ps2 why do I want a blue ray player? If you could make it separate I might stick with you but you force me to have to buy a blue ray player I won't use and your system. What are you doing with the motion controller. You don't tell anyone about this until E3 then you spring it upon us. I liked the controller you considered at first. The motion in your contoller worries me and your publishers. Will motion be forced in games which will make it gimmicky? Both my hands have to be on your controller motion doesn't work as well as it could. I feel you threw this system together like a bad movie. I can't go where you are going because I don't think you are going the right way. I remember when you took got screwed by Nintendo and you made your own system and took them down. You fail this time though. Nintendo had you beat at E3 even before it began. Let's face it Sony fans. Sony just sucks this time. I can admit it can you. Nintendo has taken us to the cleaners I'm afraid this time. I plea with all Sony fans show them we want them to be what they should be a kick butt system about games. All Sony fans join with me in not purchasing the ps3. Get something else this time. Speak loud to Sony we aren't zombies and we expected more out of you. BOO BOO Sony. I will wait for Sony to make a better system next time the ps3 is just a blue ray player to me. Latter Sony till next console wars you are dead to me.

Your disappointed fan,
Justin Anderson