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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Gamecube pros and cons and Why the Wii is just done right this time
Nintendo took some time launching which didn't help the cube much at all. It's hard to say much positive on this console even though I loved it. The game lineup for Nintendo was not a bright idea. Everyone wanted a new Mario. When we got Mario Sunshine most of us had to say what the hell is this. The system was small which was cool but it would have looked better next to my kids toy box. The color made it look kidish. The plantinum color for the cube looks nice they should have stuck with that. The controller was the best thing about this system. It felt new and to me it was Nintendo's perfection of a pad controller. The third party support just wasn't there which could have been ok but the gamecube needed third party support. The games just lacked for Nintendo on the cube. The graphics looked great and the small discs were nice but all in all this system just didn't have what it took last console war. Why does the Wii have a chance then. Nintendo has a much better line up of third party support. The games are new and fresh with the new controller. The system looks sleek and so much better then anything they have put out. Online this time what a big punch. Download old fav form long ago. This is such a weapon considering most gamers my age played Nintendo and sega long time ago and would love to play the old school games again. The price is looking nice. The only con I see for Nintendo is the controller also makes it a challenge to develop on to it. This however is also Nintendo's flaming arrow because if used right it can really change gaming. This is the system that captures me the most because I just can't see how I would get the most out of money with the 360 or ps3. What you get for Nintendo this time is worth it's weight in gold so far.