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Sunday, June 11, 2006
DS lite: A Review
Here is the review from my wife. I'm curious to see how her perspective on the system differs from mine. Remember that she has never been a serious gamer or really know anything about any of the systems, except what I have bored her with. Without further ado I present my wife Jenn and her comments on this sweet system.

Thanks darlin' I hope I don't let any of you down and you find this helpful in someway or another. My mind is swimming with Animal Crossing right now, so exuse me if this seems a bit jumbled.

WOW - that about sums it up for me in one word. This thing is awesome! Now as John has already told ya' all, I'm not really into the gaming scene. I always thought it was fun and something to do when I was bored, but never something to do for a pastime or hobby. Until..........the Nintendo DS came out. John got one a few months ago and we have done nothing but fight over who gets to play it when. We finally had it down to getting to play certain nights. However I would still get annoyed with him when I was craving some TetrisDS, or some Animal Crossing. I got addicted to that "gimmick" fast and hard.

But I digress...... we picked up TWO Nintendo DS lites this morning. We made a stop at Best Buy and one at Circuit City to browse the accessories, only to find that neither store had any Lites on the show floor. When we asked the guy at Circuit City what was up, he said "is it launch day?" My thought was "why would we be asking if it wasn't out yet?" People are dumb, and dumb people annoy me.

I'm supposed to be giving you a review aren't I? We headed over to the local EB games in the mall where we had TWO DS lites on preorder. One of these we just put on preorder last night, when I decided I just couldn't live without one of my own.

I freakin love this thing. I've spent the entire day getting my Animal Crossing world set up, battling John in TetrisDS, and Magnetica. In general just having fun.

Here is my breakdown of the pros and cons as I see it. I won't bore you with all the details you already now, such as size and things like that.
~slick, sweet color. At first I thought WHITE? That is soooo boring. Really it kicks ass. I love how the WHOLE thing is white, back and everything.
~the feel of it. Not only the weight, but it just feels more comfortable in my hands
~sound seems better. Not sure if this is my imagination or not, it just seems more crisp
~stylus size and weight. the stylus is bigger, longer and heavier. I love the way it feels, more like the stylus for my palm. It seems easier to control because of the added weight.
~the brightness of the screen totally rocks! I love the way it makes the games that much clearer. Animal crossing looks better than ever.

~it seems a bit akward to hold with certain games, but I think that is because I'm so used to the clunkier, heavier, original DS

Today has been the happiest day of my life so far when it comes to gaming. Nintendo has found one more loyal fan admist it's throngs of already hardcore gamers. I will defend Nintendo to the end!

If any of you have specific questions about something on the DSlite, let us know and we'd be happy to help! Pictures and John's review to follow later tonight or sometime tomorrow!