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Friday, June 30, 2006
Only on a video game would I try this
The news is real slow. I hope you guys enjoy this video. I am keeping watch on things but I don't see the big news taking off until August or September. I will keep everyone posted though when I catch something new

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Time crisis Wii?
I just got news the Namco could be doing a wii only Time Crisis game. Time crisis is pretty easy to find in an arcade. It would be sweet for the wii to have. I got this info from gonintendo who got it form spong. Anyhow let's keep the fingers crossed for that because that would be way cool
Hats off to Mario
He has been around since Nintendo brought us the Nes. Mario has been the cornerstone for Nintendo. They have since then made many great games. Nintendo has been around for a little over a decade now. They have stayed in the market even when they have had things not go well like the virtual boy and the gamecube. We can't bash on Nintendo for the cube though it still had it's great games. The virtual boy just gave you a headache. Does Nintendo have what it takes to win a console war is the question I hear people asking? Let me ask you this does Nintendo kick butt still in the handheld market? Nintendo may be considered an underdog but not to me they aren't. Consider this the gamecube had poor third party support right. So why did the gamecube even sell? The ds has much better third party support then the cube but it even is considered compared to the psp to having poor third party support. The Cube sold because Nintendo made games. The ds sold and kicks butt in the market today because Nintendo made the games. Microsoft hasn't even come close to big N to publishing first party titles that could keep a system alive own their own. Sony relies so much on third party support if you took that away from them they would be nothing. Nintendo has been bashed around being called the kiddy console. Well guess what I'd rather have my kids playing Nintendo more than xbox or playstion. Why you might ask? We have to much JUNK or CRAP on TV as it is blood and guts to sex for entertainment. Why does a video game require sex to be entertaining? Why does a video game require killing and stealing to be entertaining? I have played my fair share of games like that. I enjoy Mario much more because it's about fun pure entertainment. I love Chris Rock as a comedian but I love Brian Regan more because he never swears during a performance and still can make roll with laughter. I think entertainers that require smut to makie things more entertaining have the least brain power. Smut entertainment is easy to produce. Good wholesome entertainment without the smut requires more thought. My hat goes off to Nintendo. Thanks for giving us games that entertain us without the trash. This video is for the man who makes games fun. Keep up the good work big N

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
I'm a huge Ninja Turtle fan if you didn't know
I love the new cartoon series big time but I miss the day when the turtles had some sweet games. I would like to see the turtles on the wii with a game that is as cool as the oldschool stuff. I had to share this video just because I never get enough of the old school movie. One last thing to say for all those who are wanting another turtle movie hang on. The turtkles have one comming in 2007 it's going to be a cgi movie. I'm looking foward to it.

Sony the dark side. Don't you see?
Release date maybe.
Take this as rumor for now but yesterday I got news from a webstite I trust that says they have inside info that the Wii will launch in Japan October 30th and in America and Europe November 9th. Let's hope so. The news for price and date can't get here soon enough
Saturday, June 24, 2006
more Nintendo rap Get down
Friday, June 23, 2006
Nintendo conference rap style
Want to play online with your ds but the friend code is in the way
I will post a link on my website latter since I use this website so much also. If you love animal crossing but you want to visit a someone over the internet here's how I can help. I know that friend code thing is a pain in the butt with this game but this website is great. At this website you can chat with others and exchange friend codes. It rules. It shows you if your gate is open and who has open gates to go visit.

Here's the website www.friendcodes.com.
My boy Reggie in a review check it out
You da man!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Rayman looking like one SWEET RIDE
If you are in love with your ds like mine try these guys
Whip it Nintendo
This song is for Nintendo. Watch your butts Sony and Microsft they are about to be whipped.

Who will rise after dust settles
I have my eyes on Nintendo. If any of you think Sony or Microsoft will win this war post a comment and tell me why

More Carbon
Red steel on track
The boys at Ubisoft said they would make the contol better in Red Steel. At e3 Red Steel was a little rough on the control part but it looks like things are on track they said it they have just got the controls fined tuned now. The controls are said to be more percise which I look foward to.
I laughed so hard at this guy hope you guys enjoy this
Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Off the subject for a moment
I have added a link to my blog for anyone who wishes to be apart of the 9/11 tribute. Please look into it if you are interested. 9/11 should be a day we as Americans should never forget. I was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I saw the shocking footage that has forever stuck in my mind. Most people call me in my religion Mormon just to clear up any confusion. I say god bless our country and may we all stand United together against the enemy who would have us live in fear. I would also like to thank anyone and everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog. If you have any questions please post in the comments known as playing the game. Thank you and I will continue to look for the stuff about Nintendo I find most interesting.
Sunday, June 18, 2006
The motion sensor bar not done yet
I'm sure many of you have already read this somewhere. I got the news four days ago but I have been t0o busy to post. Anyway it seems that the motion bar is holding Nintendo up from giving us a final price and release date. I wouldn't worry though it's not like they don't have anything. They are mostly just improving and perfecting the bar to pick up the motion of the controller. Nintendo doesn't want to go into launch without perfection. They will get the motion bar worked out. Nintendo has stated they will give us release date and price around September. I think they will still be on track on releasing before ps3. If not, have no fear it's more important to do things right then to piss people off. I think we can count on Nintendo still to beat Sony to the market first. They have said that is what they want to do so I'm sure they are working hard to get it done and deliver.
Friday, June 16, 2006
I look foward to footage of the game
57 percent
I just looked at a poll joystiq has up about the blue ray for ps3. The question is will blue ray affect whether or not you buy a ps3. So far fifty seven percent said yes I don't want it and shouldn't have to pay for it while 29 percent said no it's a important part of the system. !4 percent answered other so far. Go share your opinion. It looks like people don't want the stupid blue ray player. HEY SONY WAKE UP HUH!!! It looks like people have spoken loud quit tring to sell us a Blue ray player sell us a video game console!
A new need for speed on the way
I just read an article that says the next Need for Speed will be comming to the Wii and ds. This one in the series will have 50 to 100 cars including porsche this time. The game is called Need for Speed carbon. I have always licked the need for speed games but I was not a big fan of most wanted on the ds. Anyway no release date yet I can find I'll keep you posted
Thursday, June 15, 2006
Farcry for the Wii?
I just discovered this rumor it looks like ubisoft is hitting it off with Nintendo with Red Steel and Lost magic they seem to be getting more and more cozy with them. Anyway the rumor is that the game Farcry could be comming to the Wii. All I can say is YES! I liked that game on my xbox but I always felt so dirty playing it on my xbox. I felt like I was a bad fan. I hope this is true so I can give Nintendo even more of my love.
This kid has a future in dance
Wow I'd hate to face off against this kid. I suck at these dance games anyway. Let me pull my dk bongos or some guitar hero I'll try to take him then. I would so look like a fool against this kid though at this game anyone else think you could beat him?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Check out the new mario bros sound
This is some guys beat boxing for the game. I thought it was cool

Guest post from my pal Sony fan Justin Anderson
Hi everyone. I wanted to post on John's blog to all of you because I am writing my dear John letter to Sony. That's right I am braking off my ties with them. I hope this letter can benefit all other fanboys out there. First off a little about me I have been a big Sony fan for quite sometime. I love the ps2 and ps1 and my psp. I also own a ds but I play my psp more. I have been true to Sony for some time but it ends with the ps3. Here you go Sony.

Dear Sony
I remember great times with warhawk. I remember running through resident evil 2. We had a lot of fun with Crash Bandicouit but it's over. You have decided to care more about Blue Ray this round making your system over priced. I never used my DVD player for the ps2 why do I want a blue ray player? If you could make it separate I might stick with you but you force me to have to buy a blue ray player I won't use and your system. What are you doing with the motion controller. You don't tell anyone about this until E3 then you spring it upon us. I liked the controller you considered at first. The motion in your contoller worries me and your publishers. Will motion be forced in games which will make it gimmicky? Both my hands have to be on your controller motion doesn't work as well as it could. I feel you threw this system together like a bad movie. I can't go where you are going because I don't think you are going the right way. I remember when you took got screwed by Nintendo and you made your own system and took them down. You fail this time though. Nintendo had you beat at E3 even before it began. Let's face it Sony fans. Sony just sucks this time. I can admit it can you. Nintendo has taken us to the cleaners I'm afraid this time. I plea with all Sony fans show them we want them to be what they should be a kick butt system about games. All Sony fans join with me in not purchasing the ps3. Get something else this time. Speak loud to Sony we aren't zombies and we expected more out of you. BOO BOO Sony. I will wait for Sony to make a better system next time the ps3 is just a blue ray player to me. Latter Sony till next console wars you are dead to me.

Your disappointed fan,
Justin Anderson
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
ps2 outselling the 360
The reports are showing that sony is outselling the 360 with playstation 2 by double in USA. This is interesting but comes as no surprise ether. The ps2 is 130 vs 300 to 400 for a 360. The ps2 has butt load of games out right now. This was intringing but it say nothing about how the ps3 will do against the 360. Looking at the polls I have lately the ps3 looks like it is in trouble but the ps2 if it keeps running strong could help Sony. I don't think it would be much help though considering the huge loss they plan to take. It is all balls to the walls or nothing with the ps3. Will it be the next gamecube and Nintendo 64 though? Time will tell. I see it being like dreamcast and 3d0 to far ahead of it's time and to expensive. I do wish Sony best of luck but when you think that the ps3 is a super computer peter Moore you have problems. Good luck to Sony but I think it will come down to 360 and wii this round. I would put my money down on Nintendo right now.
Nintendo wii to have built in camera?
I have been hearing a lot about how wiisports will let you put your face on the characters in the game and then in other games it was said it could be used. This would be a cool feature. You will need a camera of course to do so unless this rumor I got is true. The 360 has you buy their camera for 50 bucks but the wii could have one built in to the system perhaps. I got this info from gameonrevolution. blogspot.com. A few companies have got an e3 CD from Nintendo with some wii info. On the front of the cover of the CD is the wii console with it's secret doors open. According to gameon he says it looks like in the picture there is a SD card reader which would not surprise me. I think Nintendo will have 4gb SD cards for memory and up. Giving the consumer the choice for storage. The writer of gameon goes on to say also behind the secret door looks like to be a lens of sort. A camera lens is what he thinks it is perhaps. What do you guys think? Check it out at game on. This would surprise me a little just because I thought Nintendo would have this as an add on not built in. I figured they'd have a camera. I know Nintendo still has a few cards up their sleeves they even said they have a few more things in store for us before launch.
Lost my pictures
I lost my pictures of the ds lite I took on my digtial but I got a clip for you that I really think does a good job

Sunday, June 11, 2006
Here's Johny!!!
Here ya go the pros and woes of the ds lite from my side of the fence. My wife wrote some good stuff I thought. I will post some pictures of these two beatuful babies tomorrow for you all to drool over tomorrow. First off let's talk about the size and shape. The size is so nice!!! It fit's better in my pockets when I just want to carry it around. The shape is sleek. It is like the shape of some of the hottest girls you will ever see. The color is a big WOW for me. I though I'd be for sure wanting to get some skins to cover that boring white. This isn't no white like I have seen though. It is sleek shiny sturdy plastic white front to back. When the lite closes it fits perfectly together giving you a sleek rectangle. This system is so nice looking at first glance you could mistake it for a large ipod or something. Nintendo has only the ds symbol on the front of the casing that is rasied in the middle. This is one HOT looking toy. I thought the psp had a better design slightly than the ds but the lite blows the psp out of the water with design this round. The buttons feel more cushion like this time. The power button sldes up on the side to turn on. The mike is in the middel of the two screens. I am shocked Nintendo isn't charging more for this baby. The stylus is sooooooo nice. it is longer thincker and I feel so much more in control of the game. The screen brightness is a huge change. My screen at full bight level in a slight dark room is Blinding. I have to play my lite at level two brightness in a dark room because the screen is so bright it hurts my eyes almost to look at it. That is the only downfall I guess but a huge plus. The game boy advance cover is the same color as the machine. It almost hides that there is a gameboy advance slot even at all. I am so impressed by the design of this portable. It is best looking portable I have seen on a market yet. It really screams out show me off I am one hot ass gadget. The touch screen works a little better to me but that could be because my old ds was used. The screen feels good and smooth. Picks up the touch perfectly. The sound seems a bit better to me. I don't think Nintendo added anything new to enrich the sound of it but it just seems to sound more crisp then the old ds. My wife agrees with me on that one. I think if you are looking for a new ds the lite is great. If you are thinking about trading your old ds in for a lite. I say do it. The lite says to me Nintendo knows how to make systems that look freaking SWEET. I really like the casing on the ds lite so much. It just looks sharp. I really hope and pray that they use the same casing on the wii as they have with the lite. From the pictures I see the wii already looks orgasmic but with shiny casing in what ever color around the wii like the ds will just send my eyes into oveload amazment. Well if you have any questions about the ds lite please comment and I will take the time to post and answer them
DS lite: A Review
Here is the review from my wife. I'm curious to see how her perspective on the system differs from mine. Remember that she has never been a serious gamer or really know anything about any of the systems, except what I have bored her with. Without further ado I present my wife Jenn and her comments on this sweet system.

Thanks darlin' I hope I don't let any of you down and you find this helpful in someway or another. My mind is swimming with Animal Crossing right now, so exuse me if this seems a bit jumbled.

WOW - that about sums it up for me in one word. This thing is awesome! Now as John has already told ya' all, I'm not really into the gaming scene. I always thought it was fun and something to do when I was bored, but never something to do for a pastime or hobby. Until..........the Nintendo DS came out. John got one a few months ago and we have done nothing but fight over who gets to play it when. We finally had it down to getting to play certain nights. However I would still get annoyed with him when I was craving some TetrisDS, or some Animal Crossing. I got addicted to that "gimmick" fast and hard.

But I digress...... we picked up TWO Nintendo DS lites this morning. We made a stop at Best Buy and one at Circuit City to browse the accessories, only to find that neither store had any Lites on the show floor. When we asked the guy at Circuit City what was up, he said "is it launch day?" My thought was "why would we be asking if it wasn't out yet?" People are dumb, and dumb people annoy me.

I'm supposed to be giving you a review aren't I? We headed over to the local EB games in the mall where we had TWO DS lites on preorder. One of these we just put on preorder last night, when I decided I just couldn't live without one of my own.

I freakin love this thing. I've spent the entire day getting my Animal Crossing world set up, battling John in TetrisDS, and Magnetica. In general just having fun.

Here is my breakdown of the pros and cons as I see it. I won't bore you with all the details you already now, such as size and things like that.
~slick, sweet color. At first I thought WHITE? That is soooo boring. Really it kicks ass. I love how the WHOLE thing is white, back and everything.
~the feel of it. Not only the weight, but it just feels more comfortable in my hands
~sound seems better. Not sure if this is my imagination or not, it just seems more crisp
~stylus size and weight. the stylus is bigger, longer and heavier. I love the way it feels, more like the stylus for my palm. It seems easier to control because of the added weight.
~the brightness of the screen totally rocks! I love the way it makes the games that much clearer. Animal crossing looks better than ever.

~it seems a bit akward to hold with certain games, but I think that is because I'm so used to the clunkier, heavier, original DS

Today has been the happiest day of my life so far when it comes to gaming. Nintendo has found one more loyal fan admist it's throngs of already hardcore gamers. I will defend Nintendo to the end!

If any of you have specific questions about something on the DSlite, let us know and we'd be happy to help! Pictures and John's review to follow later tonight or sometime tomorrow!
Ds lite review upcoming
Get ready for a full double review on the ds lite. My wife and I bought two ds lites this morning we will get you some pictures and post them and I will give you my take on what I think of it. I will tell you this I am finding it hard to find cons with it so far. My wife will also guest post on my blog tonight. Some of you that aren't big into gaming can use my wife's review. She isn't into gaming like I am but she has fallen in love with the ds and so I bought her one to play with me and for herself so she is planning on guest posting to fill you in on how she fills from her point of view about the ds lite. I am quite excited for this post so hang on and latter tonight we will give you the goods.
Saturday, June 10, 2006
You got like three feet of air that time
This is the coolest video yet. It's all because I love this movie so much.

Thursday, June 08, 2006
A little rumor for ya
I have seen a few post about some things Nintendo might have with the Wii. It is rumored that we could have a built in camera that will allow us to put our faces in game like Wii sports. I could see that maybe 32 mb physics processor headset like xbox. Last of all but not least a 2GB to 7 GB SD card. I could see the SD cards rumor as true. That is one secret Nintendo hasn't told us much about yet is memory. How we can store things. Still it's always just rumor until said by Nintendo.
News for price and date in August?
Everything I have been reading is giving us a date of august 24th though the 27th for wii info. This is the time of the Leipzig game convention. It's like E3 but in Germany. It looks like we won't have to wait to much longer just hold huh.
Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Big news in September
Well I just got news this morning that nintendo will be giving us the info of price and release date in September sometime. This could very well mean an October launch. The xbox 360 gave us full info in October and launched in November as we all know. Nintendo doesn't do things like Microsoft but it is possible. Keep those fingers crossed for October but if not better late than never. I think Nintendo is going to give us a price point of ether 160 or 200 bucks. I know this won't be more then 250 though. I would be surprised but it still wouldn't stop me from paying the price even if it was but have no fear I think Nintendo is shooting low.
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
This one's for sony
The music just makes me all pumped up even though I don't speak German
Nothing Like the 80s huh
I love how they say at the end your parents help you hook it up. NIntendo would say now at the end of the commercial would be your parents need help to hook it up.

What a great commercial hahahahah
Gamecube pros and cons and Why the Wii is just done right this time
Nintendo took some time launching which didn't help the cube much at all. It's hard to say much positive on this console even though I loved it. The game lineup for Nintendo was not a bright idea. Everyone wanted a new Mario. When we got Mario Sunshine most of us had to say what the hell is this. The system was small which was cool but it would have looked better next to my kids toy box. The color made it look kidish. The plantinum color for the cube looks nice they should have stuck with that. The controller was the best thing about this system. It felt new and to me it was Nintendo's perfection of a pad controller. The third party support just wasn't there which could have been ok but the gamecube needed third party support. The games just lacked for Nintendo on the cube. The graphics looked great and the small discs were nice but all in all this system just didn't have what it took last console war. Why does the Wii have a chance then. Nintendo has a much better line up of third party support. The games are new and fresh with the new controller. The system looks sleek and so much better then anything they have put out. Online this time what a big punch. Download old fav form long ago. This is such a weapon considering most gamers my age played Nintendo and sega long time ago and would love to play the old school games again. The price is looking nice. The only con I see for Nintendo is the controller also makes it a challenge to develop on to it. This however is also Nintendo's flaming arrow because if used right it can really change gaming. This is the system that captures me the most because I just can't see how I would get the most out of money with the 360 or ps3. What you get for Nintendo this time is worth it's weight in gold so far.
xbox pros and cons why things are looking ok for the 360
The xbox had plenty of time to come to the table with something good first round. People hadn't even heard of xbox when it first came out but it quickly took off. Microsoft was smart to have a system with a hard drive. That was something new for consoles. The graphics were sharp and Halo Sold many xbox consoles. Microsoft showed us that games can sell a system. Microsoft took America by storm with online gaming they opened it up. The only con for me with xbox was the controllers were the worst on the market. They worked fine and all but the shape sucked. They improved that a little better over time though. Xbox 360 launched first this time. They are ahead of the game but they have changed much to make others outside of their hardcore fans want to buy it. The console is priced fairly but the controller hasn't changed much. It is lighter and feels better in your hands this time but still same old shape nothing new there. The removable hard drive is cool. The faceplate thing is lame if you ask me. The console is smaller then the xbox but it just seems to me to be a xbox with prettier graphics. I'm not sold on it. The games do look good but they sure are pumping out the first person shooters. This console has more first person shooters then anything I have ever seen in my life. The first person shooter is great but come up with new stuff please. Still they do look like a console more worth owing then the ps3 this time
Playstation 2 Pros and Cons and why ps3 looks gloomy
This system was first to launch. This gave Sony time to clean up the bugs which put them ahead of the game. Sony made a very smart move in keeping the controllers compatible along with the playstation games. Some features out of the box were nice to have also like DVD player. The system could play vertically or horizontally giving you room on your shelf if needed. The third part support was there and even though the launch line up of games wasn't that great it made up for it by being able to play your old games.The graphics looked better this was a good system. The only cons of the system for me was the lineup of games at first. Sony made smart moves last console war. What are they doing wrong this time? The price for the ps3 is Ouch. The blue ray player is to far ahead of it's time. Where can I start renting my blue ray DVD's? Sony is betting all on the blue ray rather then gaming itself. The motion controller needs overhauled. It would have been better for their sake had they copied Nintendo. Anyhow my personal opinion please leave your remarks if you have anything else to say on this matter
The top three
Here is a list of my top three games. Add a comment and tell me what you thought belonged in the top three.

1) Super Mario Brothers 3
2) Contra
3) Megaman 2

Super Nes:
1) Mario Kart
2) Super Metroid
3) Secret of Mana

Nintendo 64:
1) Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
2)Star Fox
3) Goldeneye

1)Resident Evil 4
2) Super Mario Tennis
3) Mario Kart Double Dash

1) Sonic
2) Toejam and Earl
3)Golden ax

Sony Playstation:
1)Final fantasy Tactics
2) Warhawk
3) Tony Hawk

1) Kingdom Hearts
2) Grand Theft Auto Vice City
3) God of War

1) Fable
2) Halo
3) Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Gameboy Advance
1)Zelda Minish cap
2)Metroid Fusion
3) Kirby in Nightmare Land

1) Mario Kart DS
2)Tetris DS
3) Animal Crossing

Eye candy games on next gen systems

xbox 360
1) Halo 3
2) Gears of War
3) Tomb Raider Legend

1) Warhawk
2) Final fantasy 7
3) Nothing else weak line up so far.

1) Twilight Princess Zelda
2) Super smash brothers Dojo
3) Mario galaxy

Best overall system out of all these The Super Nintendo. It had the best games I have ever played on any system yet. The Wii could easily take that spot though if done right.
Check out the new look
I have been way busy with family stuff so I haven't posted for a few days. Thanks to everyone who visits my site. I have some post I will try to get up tonight and any new news that comes out. The news for the wii has been slow though. I have a post of my top 3 games for consoles of old and new. I also have some posts I need to get up of the pros and cons of the ps2 xbox and gamecube. It's a look in the past. It helps to see why sony did so well last time. I also plan on adding a link for a way cool search engine called gazerk. It is only for video games but it works great. Hopefully some new movies to soon huh? Anyway I'm still blogging and keep checking out my site around launch time of the wii. I will post pictures of my new system I have preodered and give you all a detailed review. Ok take care
Monday, June 05, 2006
Nintendo kicking some @$$ in the polls
A recent poll on joystiq had over 30000 voters vote on which console they would buy check out these numbers

The wii came out with 85% of the vote
Ps3 took 21%
and 360 took 57%

That breaks down to the following market shares:
Nintendo would have 51% of the market
Ps3 13%
360 34%

Polls don't say everything but most of the people who vote on joystiq are hardcore gamers. Does this mean Nintendo has won the hearts of the hardcore gamers once more?

It could be that time will tell. One thing is for sure Xbox and Nintendo could wipe sony off the map all together. The other thing for sure is that Sony needs to step things up because, right now things are looking gloomy for the once crowned king.
Sunday, June 04, 2006
check out videogamedc
I added a new link. It's great for just some good laughs.
star wars the next gen
this was a great clip for fun sorry I haven't posted for a while the news has been real slow.

Thursday, June 01, 2006
Ps3 dispense marshmallows?
Kotaku has some funny polls one is predictions Sony 64 percent so far have voted it will dispense marshmallows . I voted for that. I figured it It should make me smores to for the price you pay. Anyway that turned out to be a funny poll
Nintendo stealing the show at E3
Checked out some websites today and the news is Nintendo took some awards this year for E3. How much more do we need to know this gaming system isn't hype it's the real thing guess Reggie said it best playing equals believing. They took home four honors for best of show, best hardware, best racing game and sports game. Best hardware? Shouldn't Sony have won that? Yeah right. These aren't just some no name awards ether they are based upon 37 of the top game media outlets. They have spoke and spoken quite clear. Nintendo isn't crowned yet but I can smell the top for them and it's not to far.