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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Since the super nintendo
Nintendo has got me so fired up for the next gen console. I haven't been this fired up since the super nintendo. Nintendo is making all the right moves this time. I feel like a kid again with the excitement. The excitement continues to grow. The wii soon will be sending out it's final deveopment kits next month. Why is this great news? It's great because it means we are growing closer to launch but it's also exciting to see what the wii will do graphic wise. Just in case you didn't know Nintendo after E3 this year confirmed that all their games they were running on the show floor were running on gamecube hardware. That is why the games looked like gamecube games. Nintendo next month will have the Ati chips for the wii ready to go. Everything I have been reading on the chip for the wii has been saying that the wii graphics will be on par with the xbox 360 and might even graphic wise exceed it a bit. This is refreshing news all over the web I've been seeing on the ati chip. The reason being is even Nintendo told us not to focus on graphics that they didn't matter as much as control did. I still think control is above all for great gaming but great graphics would be nice also. At last Nintendo brings something to the table that has real fire power. They bring what they do best Innovation. When nintendo innovates you can be almost sure they will blow your mind. Last of all but not least games is what can sell a system. I have always been a nintendo fan at heart but I bought an xbox for halo. I bought my gamecube because I supported Nintendo not because the games excited me. This time I am so pumped for Red Steel, Wario Ware Smooth moves, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Excite Truck, Hammer, and last of all but not least for me on my list is the mouth watering Zelda twilight princess. This looks to be a title that may become the best zelda yet, yes even better then ocarina Of Time. Let excitemet begin!!!