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Saturday, May 27, 2006
Reggie for pres
I got news of this yesterday but I was to busy to publish. This is very good news for nintendo of America I think. Reggie seems to be more known to people here in the states. He has a great passion which Nintendo needs. He made me want to hear every word he said at E3 because he delivered his message with heart. The guy has some great serious exspressions on his face also. I think Reggie is smart and will push Nintend of America where it needs to go just like Peter Moore has done and Phil Harrison. I shouldn't rip on Sony so much but Phil was way boring though this time at E3 I enjoyed peter Moore alot more hahah. That sounded kinda of funny. Anyway here is a great video showing the the past e3 and one more showing the great job done at this one this year.