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Friday, May 19, 2006
PS3 fanboys are whiners!!
This is my response to the recent uproar over who copied who's motion sensor controller. Read this post first, if you're not aware of what's being said.

don't sweat it Nintendo fans. Sony is too busy trying to win a format war right now. They care more about blue ray selling then they do PS3 selling. They hope by using there fanboys they will sell tons of blue ray machines which in return will help them win the format war. They have come to the table to win a format war this time not a console war. Who wants to buy the next video game console that is more about movies then games. Sony didn't copy Nintendo. Nintendo didn't copy them. The wii is like a relationship with someone you want to spend your whole life with. The ps3 is like a one night stand. I mean sure warhawk would be fun and it looks good but it can't fill you because what do you do when you want to play more games that use the motion of the control. Oh wait I know go buy an eye toy then you can play a few more games. Come on the wii takes advantage of using motion with every game big difference. I also will add that the DK bongos for the gamecube are cool but they are just like sony's ps3 controller or eye toy you can only use them with a few select games. See what I mean by long lasting because every game uses motion and not long lasting because only a few games use the motion. I'll take the one that uses the motion with every game because I think it's the new way for games.