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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Nintendo to rise to number one
Hey everyone welcome to my blog anyone is welcome to post here to disagree or agree with me but please realize I won't stand for some comments to be made.
If you have a good argument against what I have to say though please post.

Now let's get to talking. A long time ago Nintendo came into the picture and rose above Atari. They were the game system to buy for quite some time. Then they pissed some people off. People like Sony. Sony took over the console market and then xbox came in and tried to make Nintendo look bad. Xbox took America by storm but they still don't have much of a foothold in Japan.

Here we are today with Nintendo and Sony getting geared up for 2006 now. So who will be on top this time Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo?

I state Nintendo will take the top this time it will be the must have system. First off let me say this. I love my gamecube but the cube wasn't one of Nintendo's better systems. The gamecube for sure needed more third party support. They also needed better launch of titles. I mean come on Luigi's Mansion. I wanted a new mario . What I got was mario sunshine latter. I wasn't happy. I had also hoped for a killer star fox game instead we got adventures and assault. Star fox was really bad for the cube in my book. I long to taste another title like star fox 64 or even the super Nintendo star fox. Nintendo also didn't grab me on metroid prime the second one was ok but metroid just wasn't there for me on the cube either.

While there were a few disappointments for the gamecube, there were also some good things. The controller is the best on the market . With that being said Nintendo knows how to build a controller. That is one reason I think the Wii will rip things up. Nintendo understands in order to enjoy a game it's about control. We will get to that in a minute though.

I swear the xbox controller when it first came out only fit the hands of big fisted freaks. I say freak also because some xbox fans just came into the world of gaming and they think they are hot stuff. The only thing that kept me from selling my xbox was halo.

Microsoft and it's fans seem to think it's online gaming is the bomb also. Well I just have to ask how much do you pay to play games online. I pay zero to play mario kart DS against anyone in the world. I sold my xbox for a Nintendo DS. Mainly because I fell in love with one the second I tried it. I eventually sold my xbox because it's Bill Gates and cocky Peter Moore I was giving my money to. It made me want to vomit. I also had a ps2 for a while. I like Sony more then Microsoft but I gave up my Sony for more games for my DS.

Anyhow I wanted to quickly point out the good games for the cube I loved. Resident evil 4 was wonderful. Mario party 6 was good. Mario Kart double dash, Mario tennis, and a few others, but those games were the highlight of the cube for me. I really am looking forward to Zelda Twilight princess. I thought windwaker was cool but again a little disappointing.

So why is Nintendo going to take the top this time with the Wii? Well let's look at the DS. People said it was gimmicky before the had one to try. Now they own the handheld market. People say the Wii is gimmicky also, but the people who have had the chance to try one because they have a development kit say nothing but good. Nintendo also isn't worried about staying number one in the market of the home console because right now they aren't. They are the underdog and I root for the underdog because I seem to remember the New England patriots not being a great team some time ago now they are a dynasty.

My point is the underdog comes back when you least expect it. I worry about Sony this round they seem to be pushing the blue ray big time. That could bite them in the ass. Look how well the the movies on psp did for them, or rather didn't do well for them. Blue ray is also only going to sell to people with hd TV's right? Or am I wrong? That sounds like wide market to me, yeah right.

The games I hear are going to be hard and expensive to develop for the system. That may push some third party support away. Plus they own the home console market right now. Why is that bad? What goes up must come down right. Everyone wants to get you down when you are on top. Nintendo fell from the top once, why not Sony? Xbox right now is doing well with the 360 considering they have a head start. They should have worked out the bugs first before jumping into the market though.

I have a some friends that bought a 360 and all of them have had problems with freezing games or overheating. What a joke!!!! I also heard people say on launch day of the 360 what makes this system so special. People shouldn't have to ask that but the 360 isn't anything that wows you when you look at it in my opinion. The controller is the same bulky design, maybe a bit smaller. They haven't showed us anything new except graphics and even the graphics aren't something to wow me. The look crisp and more fresh but so what. The ps3 graphics look really nice, now that is something to wow about.

xbox I think won't be much competition this round when Sony and Nintendo come out. Nintendo last of all but not least I think will out sell it's competion for the reason of reaching out to more then just the hardcore gamer. They understand in this business you have to innovate to stay alive. I mean come on, they have been around since the eighties they have plenty of fight in them and this round they're bringing sega on board with the downloadable old games. I can't wait to jump into golden ax again. Nintendo is really shaping up if you don't think so then check out my links and do your own research.

True gamers unite our old friend Nintendo is coming back, on fire this time around.