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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Nintendo Power
The July issue of Nintendo Power almost made me blow my wad!! It's so orgasmic and full of the goods. It's better than a Pamela Anderson pinup.

It has a lot of good info on Wii title, brief but good. There is a lot of repeat stuff, but 17 pages made me do the dance of joy. Lots of great DS light info and getting excited for that on June 11th.

I hope there is more to come on the DS version of Star Fox. If I'm a slacker fanboy and not aware of something you know about, give up the goods and post a comment. I'm dying to check out more, but haven't found anything.

One last thing that makes this Nintendo Power better than the latest Playboy is the all exclusive interview with Reggie.
Wii connect 24, is going to add a whole other level to our Wii games. The best thing is that the service will be $ free, unlike the XBox live service. However like the Xbox you will be able to dowload levels, weapons, and other extras to specific games.