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Saturday, May 27, 2006
My opinion on X3
I don't want to give anything away but stay after the credits if you go. This movie was great. I loved it. I think it was worth going and seeing just for the previews let alone the movie. Some good movies look like they are comming up this summer. Last summer sucked for movies this year looks like it could be better. The new Ghost Rider looks SWEET. I like Cage and I think he'll play the role quite nice. I was pretty happy with this xmen. I think making a movie like this had to be quite a challenge. I loved Jean grey in this all I want to tell you is that she scares the hell out of me in this movie and turns me on all at the same time. Anyway if you are looking for a fun movie I think this is a must see. I have read quite a few critics that said they didn't like it. Well I say it's all the more reason to go see it. What do critcs know anyway look at the movies they say are good. I go watch them and fall asleep. Check this movie out if you are a comic book, video game lovin, star wars geek this is your movie.